Good Prophets

Akron, Pennsylvania, has some Good Prophets in their midst. I cannot tell you exactly where in Akron these individuals are, how to reach them by telephone, or much of anything really. Where most companies post an “about us” page there is ominous silence. My Good Prophets review starts with a suggestion: develop a solid and personal presence.

Why Say More?

Without the details about where you work and a phone number to contact you by, wary individuals like me will not touch your products. We’re just afraid of being burned by a firm that barely exists. Forums are riddled with such experiences and some consumers wait months or years in vain for refunds. The only way to get in touch with Good Prophets is using an email form.


Good Prophets is probably a good company. If you decide to try them, here is what you will like. Whatever they sell is listed right on the first page without you having to look. This includes their selection of juices by Hangsen, Dekang, and their own juice. They have good prices and a fantastic selection of products.

This selection continues with a Good Prophets Evod, Kanger T2, modding gear, and various kits. Buy your rebuildable atomizers and adaptors here. For kits, try the Good Prophets Evod Mini Twist, Kanger eSmart, or VapeOnly V Power VV Kit. Other brands sold here are Joyetech and Vision.


This is a secure site for using your credit card, but Good Prophets has thought about safety from a different point of view. Battery chargers can overcharge or overheat and catch fire if they do not come with safety features. They sell a LiPo charging bag in two sizes to reduce this hazard.


When a product is on sale, you want to know why. Good Prophets tells you. As a general rule, keeping up with e cigarette news is beneficial because consumers learn when new models will be arriving. At that time, older versions go on sale, as indicated on the Good Prophets website. Not only are previous versions cheaper, but stock will eventually run out and your opportunity to buy them disappears.