Go Electronic Cigarette

Go Electronic Cigarette is based in Binghamton, New York, where they make themselves truly accessible to customers. Phone, email, or write them. Log on for a live chat with one of Go’s representatives if you have questions or concerns. Read the following Go E Cig review for more information about the brand.

Go Electronic Cigarette BBBBetter Business Bureau Rating

Before going any further, read the Better Business Bureau rating for Go E Cig. Not many e cig companies are accredited with the BBB but “Go” gets an “A.” They have closed just 7 complaints in the last few years and were accredited back in 2010. That’s a long history where e cigs are concerned.

Other Links to Go E Cig

If you want “Go” portals, visit them on Pinterest, Google+1, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. See whom you are doing business with. Get a look at products. Meet the owners. Find out when promotions are pending by visiting social media sites.

goelectroniccigarette.comGo E Cig Claims

Go claims to make bigger, better batteries than you are used to. They say their batteries produce more vapor than the rest. Go products are particularly user-friendly. A lot of e cigs are easy to use, but is there something especially easy about Go products?

The Innovative Touch Charger

The user-friendly aspect Go writers refer to is their Touch Charging Station. Batteries are dropped in: they do not have to be screwed in place. Nothing could be easier.

Buying Starter Kits from Go

Go E Cig makes three types of starter kits. They are the IGO 3 and IGO 4 as well as an iKit. An iKit Starter Kit comes with one or more iSmoka clearomizers. Pay $28.95 for a package with one of these, a single 650-mAh battery or 900mAh for an extra $3, a USB charger, and 10 ml of liquid. This is good value.

IGO 3 kits cost from $49.95 to $75. The Mag Kit features a Mag USB charger, 2 batteries, 2 clearomizers, a charging kit, and 10 ml of liquid.

IGO 4 kits cost up to $89.95. Spend the full price on a Deluxe starter and receive two 650-mAh LED batteries, two Super Vapor clearomizers, a Touch Charging Station, Mag charger, 2 flat and 2 round tips, a USB cord, AC adapter, and two replacement atomizer heads. A 10-ml bottle of e liquid is also included. This is very good value.

E-Liquid at Go E Cig

They don’t tell you the brand of e liquid included in a kit, but you can tell by comparing the flavors offered against those by Vapor King that Vapor King is the brand. A 10-ml bottle costs $7.99 when purchased separately. Flavors come in 0, 6, 11, 16, or 18 mg per volume and up to 24 or 36 mg per volume if you select tobacco or menthol.

Assorted, familiar flavors are apple, kiwi, Red Bull, vanilla, and chocolate banana. All of them are tested in the USA and made specifically for clearomizers. This does not mean they are made in the United States or created from US ingredients.

Go E Cig also carries Vaparoo, Free Mason, Firebrand, Velvet Cloud, and Uncle Junk’s e-liquids. They favor the higher-quality varieties, which is good news: there is no junk at Go E Cigs

Accessories in the Catalogue

Go E Cig kindly divides accessories according to the device they accompany: IGO 3, IGO 4, or iKit devices. Purchase more clearomizers, replacement heads, chargers, or batteries. IGO 4 LED display batteries cost $24.95 each, or pay $5 less for IGO 3 batteries without the LED display. An iKit battery costs $17.95.

Buy Clearomizers in Lots of Colors

Where some products are concerned, newer is not necessarily better. Why change a proven system? Go E Cig sells eLeaf BCCs by iSmoka. They have Kanger Protanks (the 2 and Mini) and Unitanks, as well as IGO CE5 clearos. These clearos come apart for cleaning and to replace parts where needed. Go has chosen well: popular iSmoka and Kanger products, which are familiar and highly thought-of among vapers.

Earning Rewards by Vaping

You will be rewarded for using EGO E Cigs with loyalty points: one point per dollar spent. Go also provides points for signing up to receive the newsletter and for liking them on Facebook. You cannot lose. Just add them up patiently so as to make a purchase using points alone.

Another way to be rewarded is by joining their affiliate marketing program. There is no sign-up fee, but you receive $25 just for joining. Earn 25% from every sale to receive payouts monthly as long as your account reaches $100 or more. Affiliates are marketing e cigs all over the place, but this is still a booming business. Consumers can still make some money by using Go E Cig tools to attract a vaping audience.

Summary of Go E Cigs

Notice that the products from Go are not mini cigs. The mini cig market is already full of choices. Their name is suggestive of their purpose: to bring eGo cigarettes to consumers. Their prices are reasonable and their range is not too large. The website is easy to use. Overall, Go E Cigs earns top marks for choosing to supply an intermediate market with new options.