G2 Vapor

What Clint Legg wanted when he started G2 was better juice. In fact, he didn’t even set out to start a company; just to make juice he would enjoy vaping because at that time he could not find any good liquids. That was back in the day of Chinese e juice dominance. Now he sells popular e juice; premium stuff. This G2 Vapor review outlines those flavors.

G2Vapor.comFor Starters

The first two e liquids Legg came up with and shared with his friends were CaRnY4 and G2. CaRnY4 (now labeled with a maniacal looking clown) should sound like “carnivore” when you say it out loud, which is enough to freak out anyone who was already afraid of clowns.

The one on his label looks like he could definitely join the girl on Shocker for a picnic where you don’t want to be on the guest list. As you can tell by the name, it’s a rendition of RY4, but as I said before it is better than Chinese versions you have been introduced to up to this point.

G2 is an unusual blend of anise, Absinthe, and green apple. Anise is an acquired taste; the sort you find in black licorice, black jellybeans, and black wine gums.

Oh Crumbs

Mr. Cookie is a cookie e juice channeling warm sugar cookies right out of the oven. This one has attracted a wave of attention compared with most of the others; as though people can’t just vape it but must also tell the world how great it is or struggle with a heavy conscience.

Shocking E Juice

The most shocking thing about Shocker is the picture depicting a pretty little girl, foot turned in coyly, holding a chainsaw and trying to look innocent. She’s covered in blood: but now, wait; that’s fruit juice. She’s carving a raspberry. It takes a minute for your brain to process the picture because it could be really shocking. Shocker is raspberry and anise: terrible for plastic tanks.

De Shock literally removes the kick of anise for those who like raspberry without it; Shocker is de-shocked. If you want a different kind of kick instead, Blue Pop Shock tastes like tangy blue raspberry candy.

Going Green

Doctor Green is not a real doctor per se so if he asks you to put his stethoscope anywhere, smack him. It’s the newest G2 juice and it tastes like all sorts of green fruits. Why this one gets such a lofty title I don’t know, but kiwi, apple, and pear are all the right color.

Another G2 juice that sounds green is Cactus Juice, but this is thus named because of the light prickle noticeable in tangy fruits like lemon, orange, tangerine, and pineapple. It’s sharp but ultimately sweet.

Colorful Choice

Legg has traveled the rainbow with his e liquids, arriving finally at purple with Purple Nurple. This is a grape candy e liquid but you might notice something else such as bubbles or honey flowers. To some users this is a grape soda vape.

El Bacco

You thought there wouldn’t be any tobacco in this e juice line (besides scary clown juice) because so far it’s all fruit, fruit, fruit, but Legg fooled you. El Bacco blends blackberries with vanilla and pipe tobacco. This one will be dark and sweet at the same time, but utterly smooth. Legg has allowed himself room to explore and experiment, much to the delight of his many fans.

Summary of G2 Vapor Flavors

Legg often inserts extra layers into his juices; tastes unadvertised and unexpected. If you read descriptions of the 10 flavors above and consider any of them simplistic (not likely), then do not be deceived. He just doesn’t tell you what to expect so you are not prepared to taste anything but can arrive at conclusions about taste on your own. Human senses are highly impressionable.

Vaping Community Darling

The vaping community has almost unanimously embraced G2 juices (those who have not been put off by the devilish chainsaw-wielding child or the carnivorous clown). They routinely award him top marks, five stars: whatever it takes to indicate these are excellent e liquids. A lot of people really like the high-octane cartoons on his labels.

Buying the Juice

A 30-ml glass bottle is currently selling for around $18 and you can choose from 6 strengths. Start strong with 2.4%, drop to 1.8%, then to 1.2%. From there lose 0.6% nicotine, lower slowly to 0.3%, until you can at last kiss nicotine goodbye. G2 is listed on several e juice websites beside other top names in the business (The Standard, Suicide Bunny, Nick’s Blissful Brews, etc.)

Most flavors are 40/60 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin at all nicotine values but at 0.3% your juice will be Max VG (vegetable glycerin with a drop of distilled water). Juice should be ready to vape right out of the box without steeping. They are excellent if you use a sub-ohm system too.