Froggies Vapor

Froggies Vapor offers a set selection of e-cig and related products. The company, based in the U.S, has a misleading name as one would expect Froggies Vapor to be more about the vaping experience and would sell vaping products.

Froggies Vapor is a brand best suited for newbie electronic smokers and not advanced. This is due to the fact that the variety of products is selective and users therefore might face some limitations when looking for the product they want.

Froggies Vapor offers electronic cigarette starter kits. Since Froggies Vapor doesn’t categorize as a top quality e-cig brand, the battery life of the e-cigs is 4-6 hours while the vapor volume is average. On the contrary, it also offers useful e-cig accessories such as coil heads and others but in limited selections. Price wise, the brand is pretty decent and it will not cost users a lot to equip themselves with an e-cig starter kit and get started on smoking electronically.

On the other hand though, the company’s are quite small in size, particularly if compared to other e-cig products. Froggies Vapor is an average e-cig brand that offers small sized e-cig products at reasonable prices but limited varieties.

It’s hard to recommend anything other than our top picks, which continue to be V2 Cigs and the Vapor Zone (if you like the larger tank style batteries.)   For a more traditional offer, read the V2 Cigs review and see why we feel they are the #1 brand on the market for 2014.