With a name like FanceeJuice you expect fancy, and that is what you get. The site is sophisticated. Products are elegant. The whole show is a crowd stopper from start to finish. You will pay a bit more for their pretty blue glass bottles, but they contain award-winning liquids worth the expense and the trouble of looking past your usual suppliers.

Raising Vapers’ Curiosity

A FanceeJuice review mostly deals with e juice because this is their dominant product. The heading “juice boxes” made me think of fruit juice. I expected to see e liquid in some kind of new tetra packs instead of glass.

A juice box, however, is a gift set of liquids packaged beautifully. A five-pack of 3.6ml award winners costs $19.99. There is also a ten pack, then boxes containing five 15ml or 30ml bottles, and even a box of five 60ml bottles of juice. That would be a mighty fine gift for someone.

Fancee Names for Juice

Try a Cloud Chocula, Coudarita, or Meesetreacks Macchiato. Limeberry sounds refreshing. Peppered chocomint calls to mind chocolate blended with chili or wasabi: sweet and spicy. Fifteen milliliters is $12.99: pricey but worth it. Choose your cloudiness ratio and standard or double strength flavor.

E Cig Kits

You can buy one of two e cig kits, handy if your interest began with vapor but you forgot to buy equipment. Also, you can bet some atomizers cannot handle certain e liquid, so if you are in that boat, Fancee Juice sells better quality stuff.

The first and cheaper of the two bundles is a silver 1000mAh pass-through kit with 15ml of juice for $50. Adding juice to their package makes a big difference to whether customers try Fancee products or look elsewhere. Some companies do this and others drop the ball. With free shipping over $50, a good low figure, Fancee Juice did not have to do this to be cool.

The second kit, an Innokin MVP in silver or blue, is $69.99 without the juice. The price is good, though, for a unit as powerful as this one. Plus, it would be shipped for free as noted above.