Exhale Vapors

Austin, Texas, is home to Exhale Vapors, a relative newcomer that opened for online sales at the end of 2012. Over the past year, this firm has had time to get a feel for what other retailers sell, what is not sold that customers want, and how they should configure pricing. They claim to offer the best overall pricing in the e cig business.

ExhaleVaporsOverall pricing takes shipping into consideration too. They provide a flat shipping rate that is really low. Unless you were always ordering $75 worth of gear with every purchase somewhere else, you probably took a hit when it came to shipping. So, there is a chance their prices really do work out to be the lowest, generally.

The list of items sold by Exhale Vapors is somewhat misleading. A couple of items I pressed a category and got nothing: drip tips, for instance, both eGo and 510. I thought my computer was just slow, but it downloaded the product list for everything else without a problem. Perhaps Exhale Vapors will not carry an item sometimes because the wholesale price is too high for them to meet the promise to undercut everyone else.

Juices by Exhale and Flavorz by Joe are indicated, but they are coming soon. Again, misleading, but at least you know they will be arriving one day in the near future. It is better to have you keep looking back than let you think they don’t supply e liquid.

Protank 2 glass replacements in packs of 5 are an excellent $14.50. A Smok Pyrex RSST sells for $28.98. Buy a Youde AGA-T3 for $36 and be satisfied: these can be really dear. The Aqua Clone sells for $37.98. This is just one of the clones at Exhale Vapors. Their Prometheus Clone, a Chi-Metheus, costs just $38.98.

Some products, however, appear to be the genuine article, like their Vision Spinner ($18) and Smoktech Winder Twist Battery ($19.98). A Sigelei ZMAX Mini costs $36.98 while a Vamo KSD E-Huge (see the picture, it is gigantic) is priced at $79.98.

My Exhale Vapors review has led me to believe that, with a bit of time, Exhale Vapors could really compete. They need to stock some of the gear they have listed already and keep up with what they are selling at the same prices. Otherwise, I cannot see a problem. The website is easy to navigate and there is a lot to choose from.