EVO Vapor

If you have heard of EVO e-Liquid, this is not the same company, and yet this business sells EVO e-liquid along with everything else on their list. It is a long list containing EVO’s own e-cigarettes which are stylish, but mostly the same as everything else you have already seen from starter cigs to eGos. The website is easy to peruse because the company does not try to sell other people’s products like mechanical mods and variable voltage devices. EVO Vapor sticks with one brand, but offers three models.

EVOVapor.comEVO Vapor Review and E-Cig Starters

The very simplest kit sold at EVO Vapor is a disposable electronic cigarette, analog style, available in menthol or tobacco and 11mg or 24mg of nicotine. Each chrome-finished pen has a 250mAh battery and will outshine any other disposable out there.

The price for a basic starter is $11.10, which is astonishing because this is the equivalent of a $20 to $30 Express kit, plus more. You receive four cartomizers instead of just two, plus the single battery and USB charger for little more than the price of a brand-name disposable e-cig.

Again, your two choices are menthol and tobacco and the same nicotine values. The next level up is a Premium package with 6 cartomizers, two batteries, and the charging kit.

VGO E-cigs

Graduate to VGO kits: eGo pens, essentially. There are two styles: one is fitted with a tank that looks like a thermometer. The other’s appearance is more like a metal tank, though the shape is what you expect from eGos.

Pay $17.05 for an Elite Starter with one full e-cig containing a tank and 310mAh battery. The tank can be rebuilt. A Mini Pro Starter Kit for $28.01 contains a 650mAh battery, a rebuildable tank, a charger and adapter, plus the Pro-Tank-A replacement atomizer.

A VGO-S starter kit, priced $30.97, provides one 900mAh battery and a mega cartomizer that is 50mm versus 35mm in its regular size. It comes with blank carts, a USB charger, and a case. The device is stylish, but no more so than a lot of e-cigs, and there are no colors.


Pre-filled mega cartomizers in boxes of five cost $11.92. The price is excellent, but here’s the problem: there are just two nicotine strengths (24mg and 11mg as above) and four flavors. They are strawberry, pineapple, menthol, and tobacco select blend.

That is why you are going to graduate to blank tanks quickly: to enlarge selection and to discover how much money you really can save by vaping instead of smoking. E-liquid is far less expensive. eVo e-liquid is available in numerous flavors and several strengths.

Choices are fruity, tobacco-dominant, or feature menthol in some form. Some blends combine them all. Dakota provides black licorice beneath a dark tobacco. Coconut Mojito is a new, equally tropical spin on a drink flavor that is usually steeped in tangy lime.

A Bit of Background

EVO Vapors was founded by a guy named Dave in Wichita, Kansas. His reason for starting the business is highly personal, having watched older relatives die from smoking-related causes and seen his own kids pick up cigarettes. Today his products are sold at more than a dozen locations in Kansas.