An EverSmoke review should look a lot like a South Beach Smoke review because they are virtually the same product. In fact, they are made by the same people. The major difference is logo: EverSmoke’s packaging is prettier. The logo is of swirling green vapor suggesting that vapor is a “green” alternative to cigarette smoke, which is true.

EverSmoke Electronic CigaretteBatteries for EverSmoke

The battery is 4.2 volts, a little better than the usual 3.7 volts offered by beginner e-cigarette companies. This means power and vapor are both great, especially for an entry-level vaping stick.

One extra feature EverSmoke produces is a manual battery. New e-cig users have the option to try controlling vapor production before they advance to tank system vaping machines. There are also metallic batteries which look nothing like the real thing.

While you get a wide variety of opinions about any product by reading customer reviews, there is usually a general opinion which forms the base line. Use these reviews to get a feel for EverSmoke batteries and other features. Occasionally, someone comments on the poor quality of the batteries, but usually they score high points in this department.

Value for Money

One area that is debatable where EverSmoke products are concerned is the price. Occasionally, someone will argue that these are not the greatest value for money. Eversmoke starter kits could be a little cheaper, or some other feature is overpriced.

Value is another personal thing. If your batteries are not the greatest, then the cost of a kit will seem too high no matter how low it is. If cartridges seem to run out early, the same will be true.

If, however, you are a light smoker and can always make a battery hold its charge long enough, your cartridges will also last and the whole package seems worthwhile.


Another debatable area is service. While the average customer rates EverSmoke as 4 to 5 stars in every way, there is the odd person who says her customer service experience was not the greatest. Is this pickiness on someone’s part? Could it be that most people never had any real problems that needed to be addressed? Who knows: if everyone wrote a review it would be easier to say.

Inexpensive Beginnings

As a beginner e-smoker you will be glad to see the Express Kit listed by EverSmoke. This is a true starter kit where many packages contain more than you need to begin with. You only receive a single battery, but the main point is deciding if you like its power and EverSmoke vapor before spending considerable amounts of money.