In the rush to create a realistic and satisfying alternative to smoking, vaper companies (many of them subsidiaries of tobacco giants, but many independent) created mini cigarette-like vaporizers (V2 Cigs, White Cloud, Eversmoke, and so on). They developed eGo e cigs (Kanger Evod, Vision Spinner, Halo Triton, and Smok eGos) and APVs (Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0, LavaTube Version 2.5, and VaporFi Rebel).

All of this innovation appeared to include cigar smokers, especially the wider eGos and mods. They are the right size for a cigar smoker, but what about pipe smokers? They were not forgotten. Many of the innovators are pipe smokers themselves.

EPipeMods.comAn ePipeMods Review

This is where ePipeMods and Steam Pipes came into their own, but their products were not designed in America and built in China. This independent company, which also operates a lounge and B&M shop, makes their products in the United States to exacting standards.

They create one-of-a-kind items, pieces resembling real pipes, and thematically linked products using various types of wood and adopting numerous customization options. At ePipeMods, you will find three basic categories of ePipe: the Mjolnar, Steam Pipe, and Jazz.

Jazz ePipes

At first it was difficult to understand what gave the Jazz ePipe its name. The category is not prefaced by an explanation stating that this or that feature was chosen to emulate a particular shape or selected because of a pipe smoked by a jazz legend.

What they remind me of more than anything else is a saxophone. Their curving, s-shaped bodies all put me in mind of brass and the rich sound it makes at the same time. As if to confirm my suspicions, the bowl (holding your battery) features a brass cover.

Mjolnar, Hammer of Thor

You might not know what Mjolnar is, but just seeing the pipe named for this mythological instrument will call to mind a hammer which might, in turn, make you think of Thor. Each hammer is engraved with overlapping eyes. Select a Padauk, Granadillo, Honduran Rose, or Red Heart variety and a button style. They are domed or flat, aluminum, brass, or copper. The price for one of these epic ePipes is $125.

Steam Pipes

The makers of ePipeMods also created numerous products to mimic the look of classic pipes and the memories or associations that go with them. There is the Egg and Apple, Liverpool, Poker, Billiards, Bulldog, and Rhodesian. You could own a Dublin, Corn Cob, or Church Warden Pipe. The Church Warden is actually defined by its stem more than the bowl, and stems are sold separately. If you did not already know, e cig pipes come apart: the stem and bowl detach from each other. One simply adds an atomizer to the bowl and a further stem to give it a longer profile.

Stems for Steam Pipes

Graceful, classy, authentic pipe stems, made in Italy and Germany, have been adapted for use with ePipeMods. These have been polished to a beautiful shine. Wax is available online so you can keep up the polish.

Juice for Steam

Pipe smokers, like cigarette and cigar smokers, were accustomed to enjoying the flavor of a particular type of tobacco or a range of styles. They soon discovered there were even more choices and that, with renewed taste buds, they could really savor flavors again. At ePipe Mods, you can buy e liquid that tastes like tobacco but other e liquids will work in their atomizers. Candy flavors just spoil the illusion, that’s all.

A 30-ml bottle of pipe tobacco costs $15.99. Select Piper Mint, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine, Kentucky Blue Grass, Oak Barrel Cider, Sweet Georgia Peach, Long Bottom Leaf, or Shire Malt. Instead of denoting a nicotine percentage, ePipeMods refers to “proof” as in alcohol: 0 to 24 proof. If these liquids really contained booze, they would be powerful indeed. Pipe Sauce is made with more than 95% vegetable glycerin so you can create gargantuan clouds.


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