Emerald Lux

Another e cig is coming your way: Emerald Lux. The website for this brand has a cosmopolitan feel to it, as though customers are world travelers and business people spending money on classy hotel rooms and ordering fine cuisine in fancy restaurants. The woman featured on the home page is pretty, happy, and shiny. Let an Emerald Lux review paint a true picture of the brand.

Authentic Cigarette Look and Feel

There are lots of e cigs emulating analogs, so Emerald Lux is not breaking new ground. The important thing for new vapers, though, is that they find a cigalike they enjoy. Many die-hard smokers more easily convert if they can hold something that feels familiar to them.

Version 2 Cartomizer Kit

I am astonished by the price of this kit. For $114.95, you get the equivalent of a standard starter with 5 cartridges, a car charger besides the adaptor and USB. Yes, free shipping is included, but is it worth $40? I’m not so sure, and one battery is inadequate.

Emerald Lux says you get more vapor out of their mach-2 product, but it is not an eGo or AVP. I keep looking all over the site for reasons anyone would pay this kind of money when there are reasonably priced alternatives, including eGo starter kits, for much less.

The Site

This site feels incomplete. I see mention of a second starter but cannot bring it onto the screen. This site is not as intuitive as others you will encounter but the how-to page provides helpful visuals.


You get a bit more insight into the brand by looking at cartridges. They seem able to cater to users of two- and three-part e cigs and categorize cartridge refills accordingly.

Prices for refills are similarly high. $34.95 for 5 is too much, even if Emerald Lux claims their cartridges give off 300% more vapor than you are used to.