Elevated Vaping

A highly personal article introduces clients to the story behind North Hollywood’s Elevated Vaping. The online store began with the determination of a father to quit smoking, even though every method he had tried saw him return to analogs. Finally, the creator of Elevated Vaping found electronic cigarettes. His business carries on the story.

Elevated VapingElevated Vaping Review

To one side you will see a list of bestsellers. Names of juices and juice brands dominate that section. Examples are Grenada, Frankenvape, and The Dude. The juice selection also comes from Jameson’s, Copperhead, and the Standard.

Actually, lots of juices are profiled here with employee ratings underneath. These have a trustworthy, professional sound and feel to them. I can well imagine the owner of Elevated Vaping only selling what he or his staff likes.

Some Juice from Elevated Vaping

Frankenvape is part of The Standard line by Saveurvape. It comes in a distinctive rectangular bottle featuring the visage of Frankenstein (also known as Boris Karloff) as he looked in the 1931 black and white movie. Strangely enough, this is a blend of kiwi and marshmallow.

The Dude by Alpha Vape features tangy peach and pineapple. Amelia by Jameson’s is all about fresh strawberries, not strawberry hard candies or marshmallow chews.

Captain’s Custard, a creation by Jolly Roger Vape Sauce (great name) gives off aromas and flavors of vanilla custard. No surprises there.

Mods and More

Once in a while an e-tailer will sell a hybrid device: not an e cigarette running on petrol and electricity, but a purely battery-operated mod. The iHybrid comes with a 3ml PMMA tank, brass contacts, and an RBA of mesh/coil, ceramic, and silica. Elevated Vaping suggests a matching drip tip to go with either of the two colors offered.

Also onsite are the Brass Chi You, iHybrid, P3CTA, and various drip tips.

General Impressions

Pricing at Elevated Vaping is on the high side because they carry high-end products. Mods are advanced devices, while juice is selected for quality, not wholesale discounts. Amelia costs $25. Grenada Juice (tropical anise) comes in 30ml bottles for $22 with only 6 and 16mg nicotine concentrations.

Anyone reading the article mentioned at the beginning will feel like these are trustworthy people to deal with. How can you say “no” to the little girl cuddling adoringly with her father?

Don’t try to phone these guys. They probably won’t answer, but an email will reach them. Expect speedy, conscientious turn-around on correspondence via this method.