Element Flavors

Each bottle of e liquid you vape is a combination of base liquid(s), possibly nicotine, and flavors. Those flavors are essences made from natural and/or artificial sources that have been concentrated. Companies that make these flavorings usually sell them in 1-dram bottles (4mls), companies like Element Flavors.

Element Flavors Review: Elements of Vaping

Making vape juice sounds like hard work, totally unnecessary in fact. Labels such as BluePrint, the Standard, Cosmic Fog, Heather’s Heavenly Vapes, and countless others already have the market covered. These are just some of the top brands, and there are many more really good e liquids (Check out my favorites here). Why does anyone make e liquid at home?

They do it for the same reason a person climbs a mountain to get a great photograph, bakes a cake from scratch, or learns to drive. Hiring a taxi isn’t as satisfying as getting behind the wheel and taking control of your own car.

The cake you bake yourself tastes better than the one you bought because of the work you put into it and the fact that it’s fresh, not frozen or stale after a day on the shelf. Photographers go to great lengths to get those shots you prize for birthday cards and wall prints, but working to reach the top and appreciate the view is a wonderful experience.

Maybe making e juice isn’t exactly like driving a car or climbing a mountain, but the cake analogy is about right. At first, you follow a recipe to understand the fundamentals. You need density (flour), sweetness (sugar), binding (eggs), a raising agent (baking powder), and fat (butter). Add flavoring (vanilla, lemon, chocolate, hazelnut, etc.) and bake it to the correct temperature.

Having learned all of this, you can change ingredients to customize the cake to your exact preference. Drop in chocolate chips. Blend in a handful of chopped nuts. Sprinkle the cake with cinnamon and sugar.

E juice is like that. You can buy a bottle off the shelf, but if it wasn’t custom-made, it might have been sitting there a while. Besides, the flavors are good, but not personally chosen. Once you know the essentials of blending e juice, you can make them yourself.

That’s how e juice mixologists get their start. Purchasing jugs, mixers, bottles, and pipettes they set out to learn and then to hone their craft. A peanut butter coconut recipe is nice, but with your additional touches you can add a layer of cream or a seam of graham cracker.

Element Flavors

Each 1 dram bottle of Element Flavors costs $1.89. The list contains names like Absinthe, Bubble Gum, Cappucino, and Cotton Candy; Double Chocolate, Tutti Frutti, Tiramisu, and RY4. House of Vapor sells plain liquids (vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol) in bulk volumes. They recommend dropping about 5% flavoring into every blend of base liquid, but you can tweak that according to taste.

House of Vapor also carries sweetener, sour flavoring, and others that are commonly utilized by vapor makers. Their DIY propylene glycol is 99.9% USP and their vegetable glycerin is 100% USP-grade. While House of Vapor is from New York State, Element Flavors is operated from Resida, California.