Electrolytes, as you know them best, are important for sports people who take them in the form of energy drinks so they do not get dehydrated. People with low blood pressure need more electrolytes.

During the summer you will find them in some drinks but also pickles. Or you can change the spelling and find Electrolights, required by vapers to continue avoiding cigarettes. Electrolights is a company selling electronic cigarettes in Palm Beach, Florida, and online.

electrolightsdirect.comStarter Kits at Electrolights

The mini starter kit contains a Vivi Nova Clearomizer, mouthpiece, ring, 350mAh battery, charger, adapter, and liquid. You pay just $24.99 online, which is amazing. I am impressed already and that’s before progressing from little e-cigs to big ones.

Select a Kanger Protank II Kit for $54.99 with two posts, the tank, a mouthpiece, ring, two 900mAh batteries, the charging kit, a case, and 12mls of liquid. These are very special deals worth looking for. I like that Electrolights adds vaping juice to their kits. Many firms could do this but do not, including companies that make and sell their own juice.

A Kanger Protank II on its own is priced $19.99, which is fine. Bottom Coils for the device cost $1.99. Pick up an Evod for $6.99 and a $4.99 Pro CE4. Batteries featuring 900mAh cost just $14.99. They should thread nicely with these tanks to form basic electronic cigarettes: nothing fancy with variable voltage.

You might prefer one brand over the other, but a lot of vapers actually have several models of tanks and mods on the go at one time. A particular item works best with vegetable glycerin-dominant juices or a consumer has one for home, another for vaping when he goes to work or travels.

The Mini Vivi Nova is $9.99: not bad at all. There are other accessories and parts here, but what I do not see are mods, RBAs, or RDAs. Stock is weighted in favor of e-liquid with just a few of the best-selling e-cig accessories in stock.

It’s more common to find a place spreading the menu across most levels of vaping to include a bit of this and a bit of that. Companies sometimes choose not to go overboard with hardware and just sell a small selection of products they know they can keep in stock and sell affordably. Both strategies work for different audiences.

Electrolights Review: Juice

Every one of their 51 types of e-liquid is made in the United States with a 70/30 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin blend. They sell for $7.99 (12mls) and $14.99 (30mls) per bottle with as much as 3.6% nicotine. That’s pretty strong.

Rawberry blends strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Enjoy tobacco, espresso, and honey from Black Beard’s Delight. Sample something Smurfy: a Smurfberry containing blueberry and strawberry plus cupcake. A Blue Razzmatic tastes like blue raspberry candy. If you enjoy kiwi and strawberry, you will really feel an Alien Throat Punch. Holy Guava-Moley is guava, of course.