E Lites

The E Lites website is dedicated to encouraging new vapers. Become more active. Pursue your dreams. Live up to your potential. You cannot do this if you are killing yourself with cigarettes the silhouettes of a mountain climber and a cyclist seem to say. At the same time, those images are metaphors for the journey and effort of giving up smoking, one which will leave you feeling proud.

E Lites Review

Are E Lites products the ones to take you on this journey? Cost savings could be more than 50% by their calculations. E Lites, which is huge in the United Kingdom, has also come up with a unique product.

A docking station comes with the E-Pro 4 costing roughly $120 USD. It also contains a personal charging case, 2 G9 batteries, and five cartridges. The case charges multiple batteries and also stores a couple of cartridges. Place the whole thing in its docking station on your desk. This gives it a “Pro” look as the title suggests, but E-Pro also indicates that if you need to charge batteries constantly, you are a pro vaper.

A cheap starter kit costs more than $20 and comes with only what you get from an Express kit. Disposables are expensive: about $12 or $13 each. This is too much to pay. Cartridges cost about $15 for two and almost $40 for five. That is outrageous: you definitely do not need to pay so much. One review revealed, however, that you can avoid new cartridges and refill existing ones with e juice from a bottle purchased elsewhere.

Users indicate this is a pricey brand, especially replacement cartridges. Then again, they also like E Lites, especially the batteries which last longer than comparable products in the United Kingdom. Cartridges resemble yellow cigarette paper and fit onto white batteries. The result is a genuine cigarette look and feel without buttons to press.