E Liq

Now that e liquid and electronic cigarettes have become the mainstream, nicknames are being developed and being used as names for products and companies. E liquid goes by a lot of names: nicotine juice, just “juice,” or e liq, for short. In fact, someone had the good idea to call their company E Liq to guide online searches to their products.

E Liq Review: Juice to Spare

A lot of companies sell DIY e liquid bases and items to help you get started with your home based lab, but gallon jugs of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are not usually on the menu like they are at E Liq. Customers in search of just 10mls at a time can also find their chosen base and it will be really cheap. For instance, the cheapest 10ml bottle of juice costs $0.85, while the most expensive costs $2.40. Here is how you work this out.

Bubblegum flavoring is free. E liquid without nicotine is free. Just ask for vegetable glycerin without propylene glycol. Do not ask for a label. Now you are ready to purchase the cheapest possible bottle of juice on the American market (and you become aware of the atrocious markup on over-the-counter juices).

Ask for the highest level of nicotine (6%), a label, grapefruit flavoring, and pure propylene glycol and you will pay the maximum: $2.40. Somewhere in the middle is a flavor you will like with the right level of nicotine and a perfect balance of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol for throat hit, flavor, and vapor clouds.

Pay just $1.55 for tobacco flavoring, $1.55 for flavors, and $5.99 for 6mls of nicotine. That’s the part that gets pricey.

Twenty-nine flavors of tobacco are supposed to resemble the cigarettes you used to smoke: Benson and Hedges, Salem, Seven Stars, and Winston. A 1-gallon bottle will set you back $149.99.

Hardware at E Liq

Most of the products sold at E Liq are liquids for DIY juice makers. A handful of items cater to e cig users and those using vaporizers. A dry tank called the 94F for $22.50 accommodates dry herbs. It features magnetic filtration and a dual coil.

Vhit Type C bulb style tanks come with a mini tool, two metal head replacements, and work with herbal waxes or oil.

For the consumer who has juice but no electronic cigarette, there are CE4, CE5, eGo-T kits, blister packs, and disposables. The selection isn’t huge, but that’s not what you came here for.