eCig Hellas

The Greeks have done it again. They seem to be more committed to the e-cig industry per/capita than any other country apart from China or the United States. ECig Hellas is their latest offering.

ecig.euInteresting Points

The most interesting thing about this ECig Hellas review is a look at the flavors of liquid and Shisha Pearls they sell. Shisha Pearls are for use in vaporizers, not e-cigs, and they simulate the hookah experience. Flavors and aromas include Uva Sabor (grape and red berry), Greek Summer (honey melon and watermelon), Vape Sky (peach and vanilla), Bubble Ice, and Mojito. Pearls cost €8 per 150 grams.

All prices are in Euros if you buy directly from them, but many of their products are made in China, such as Joyetech e-cigs, so you could buy them anywhere in your own currency.

Starter Kits and Disposable Products

A disposable costs €5.50 and is designed to look like a cigarette. There is no information listed about what the flavor or nicotine value is. You can also buy a disposable, manual cigar for €7.69.

Mini Kits include a 240mAh version with a USB charger, three yellow cartomizers, and a tall box (like a cigarette carton) for 13 Euros. The Super Mini BCC Kit contains a 2.2ohm atomizer, 220mAh battery, USB magnetic charger, and 10mls of apple e-liquid for 18.50 Euros.

Joyetech and Others

Get yourself an eRoll, or eCab kit. Pick up an eCig eVod Set, eCig Vivi Set, or an eCig Gemini kit. A Joyetch eGo-T one-battery kit is perhaps your best starting point as a new vaper. You can also buy an e-Pipe kit. ECig Hellas is an authorized re-seller of genuine Joyetech equipment for Greece, Cyprus, and Romania.

More Equipment

In spite of their proximity to Atmizoo and Atmistique, ECig Hellas does not carry those limited edition giants. Instead, they bring you mods from Hatch, Smoktech, and Joyetech (like the eVic). Buy atomizers plus cartomizers to go with them. An iMist Atomizer is priced 9 Euros.

Vapor Juice from ECig Hellas

A 10ml bottle in the White Label range is priced 5.50 Euros. Nicotine values climb up to a possible 3.6%. Many of the flavors will sound familiar, but a whole lot of them will be foreign to North American vapers.

Knafeh was inspired by an Arab dish served particularly during Ramadan. Tuscan Reserve takes vapers to Italy using oak tobacco to get them there. Ouzo is the famous Greek alcoholic drink, but Bailey’s is beloved everywhere. Curacao emulates that sweet crystal blue spirit, a base for many drinks and also tasty on its own (as here).

Mastic is a Greek tobacco. You will remember Jasmine and Lavender from your garden when the sun was shining.

At one time it seemed every fruit was already represented by combined lists of e-liquid. I forgot Gooseberry, but Ecig Hellas did not. They also remembered Raisin and Yogurt. Palm All is a smoky tobacco flavor. Pistachio e-liquid has been catching on here and elsewhere.

Red Label Juices are reminiscent of Cigar tobacco. Black Label varieties echo cigar and pipe tobacco styles.