E-Cig Charleston

South Carolina is not like California or Florida. The state is not loaded with electronic cigarette shops and vape lounges, but they are getting their feet wet. An E-Cig Charleston review will prove as much. Another way to find them online is to type “My Start” into the search engine and that will bring you to the website.

ecigcharleston.comGetting Used to the Site

The website for E-Cig Charleston is not too bad, but some vital information does not come across. In particular, I would like to know more about the company and where the brand “My Start” comes from.

You will see this brand all over the webpage. If you are new to vaping, this is also a newcomer to the business. Read up on the brand before their products become your first vaping tools.

What My Start has to Offer

This is a brand of electronic cigarette available in starter kits such as the Express with one 650mAh battery, a My Start tank, a USB charger, and 10mls of 18mg nicotine liquid (tobacco or menthol) for $24.99. This is an excellent price.

Mix and Match Your Way is a starter kit available in the customer’s choice of configuration, so there is no point listing a price. That changes as you add items. You can have a 650mAh or 1300mAh battery, two tanks from one of several choices, and add e-liquid from one of three headings: tobacco, menthol, or fruit.

Although the most prominent products are labeled “My Start,” E-Cig Charleston managers appear to be wise enough to know that names like “Kanger” and “Innokin” get more attention and bulk up a thin reputation. The brands sold here for kits and separately include an Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil, Vision V.Tox BC, Smooth, M3, and eGo.

Smoke single and dual coil cartomizers are also on sale here, though not as part of the starter kit. All of these products are probably made somewhere close to each other if not in the same factory, just with slightly different specifications.

Pay $29.99 for a My Start 808 e-cig starter kit with two 180mAh batteries, two Nano tanks, and five 808D cartos plus a case; another excellent deal.

The manual 380mAh e-cig, one rechargeable item, costs $12.99 or you can buy the 180mAh item for $9.99. That is comparable with disposables, but customers enjoy a few uses out of an item before it has to be tossed.

Nano Clear tanks (510 or 808) are priced just $2.99. Pricing is excellent if this is a good product. Like most people, this could be the first time you have ever heard of My Start. Do some research and potentially save some cash.

My Start E-Liquid

They favor menthol at the lab where My Start liquids are blended. Loads of examples are listed, including traditional sorts. Under “fruits,” you find everything which is not a menthol or a tobacco variety of nicotine juice. This includes Rum Bay (Malibu), Coconut Twist, and Hazelnut Caramel Macchiato. French Vanilla, Clove, and Fire Cured are three of their tobaccos.

Juice comes in 10ml bottles for $5.99, or you can buy 30mls for $14.99 (about $3 less than triple). Choose up to 24mg of nicotine.

Is their e-liquid USP-grade? Does the nicotine come from America? Is the vegetable glycerin kosher? What is their ratio? You might have to contact E-Cig Charleston: email them, call, or take a little trip. South Carolina is a great place to take a holiday. Plan to add it to your ecig-America tour.