Dream Vapor

A Dream Vapor review will not take long. There isn’t much to say yet. The site is relatively sparse and there are few reviews to read from customers yet. Their product selection is okay, but should grow if they make a go of it. I get the feeling they are only just getting started for now.

DreamVaporWhat are Their E Liquids?

Dream Vapor’s catalogue of e liquids only contains 13 choices. None of them is fancy, and there are lots of fruit flavors. They cost $4.95 for 10mls or $11.99 for 30mls, so their pricing will compete if not their selection. Strengths are in increments of 8mg at a time, from 24mg down to 0.

All but one of their liquids is a Dream Vapor brand. The single exception is the only spicy liquid: Fireball by American E-Liquid, costing $7.95.

A Selection of iTaste Kits

Dream Vapor carries iTaste kits such as their 134 with wattage variation from 6.5 to 12.5. The LED changes color to indicate battery level. There is a comfortable-looking, rotating mouthpiece.

A 510 connector was chosen to fit with lots of tanks, but the kit comes with a clearomizer and beauty ring to get you started and costs $169.99. An iTaste SVD kit is $129.99. Other iTaste kits are also listed, so you can choose by product features and price.

More Stock

Customers can also buy CE4 atomizers, which are very useful, being compatible with many models of electronic cigarette. If you are in any doubt about what products to purchase, online chat is available.

Daylight Dream Vapor is based in North Carolina, just outside of Raleigh. They have a store-locator function but I only see one on there. As the website is currently set up, I get the impression they will have more to say and products to add. Otherwise, what good is a Google-maps store locator if there is just one store?