Doc Bailey’s Elixir

An elixir, for those readers too young to know, is medicine. Con men used to market bottles of useless juice to eager people in the market place who wanted remedies for everything from boils to cancer, and they were willing to believe that a bottle of juice was their cure-all. One can easily imagine someone named “Doc Bailey” standing on a crate, selling a home-brewed cure-all 150 years ago, so I smile when I see that name.

Today’s Doc Bailey

A 21st Century Doc Bailey’s Elixir review is not looking at a phony supplement but popular e juice that has landed on several consumers’ top ten or even top five lists. Lots of shops carry the juice. Their Facebook page makes this an approachable firm, though they do not have a website of their own.

Just the Facts

The packaging is not fancy because good juice does not have to sell itself with fanfare. A basic label shows the type of liquid, the date it was mixed, its nicotine content, and the required warning because e juice is potentially poisonous to young children.

Juice Price

Each 15ml bottle of their e-liquid is priced $12, which some would say is a little steep. After all, you can get Dekang for a lot less. So, go buy Dekang then, and possibly regret you didn’t try this e-cig juice instead. Each flavor is available in 5 strengths from 0 to 24mg.

Liquid Flavors

Several of the flavors appear to pay homage to the 7 Dwarfs: Bashful, Grumpy, etc. Bashful Booze is a Pina Colada liquid. Grumpy Goop contains mango flavoring.

Lots of their labels are just funny, like Doo with citrus flavorings. Bluffin contains blueberry muffin tastes.

Buying Doc Bailey’s Elixir

You cannot purchase their e-juice online; there is no format for that. You have to look for their products. Chances are you won’t have to look far. Companies dealing in high quality juice frequently prefer Doc Bailey’s Elixir.