DC Vape

This DC Vape review is for Puyallup vapers and vapers from nearby areas. It’s not an internet retail store but one with a relaxed feel where customers are welcome to come in and try new e-juices, sample the ones that have potential, and leave with a satisfying purchase under their arms.

The website for DC Vape only tells you a little bit about who they are and what they sell, including a number of e-liquid brands and some competitions they are running. DC Vape also sells electronic cigarettes.

dcvape.comE-liquids at DC Vape

The menu for e-liquids at the DC Vape bar is a selection of high quality, sought-after products. They are brands that sell out quickly, made by mixologists who create limited numbers of flavors. Examples are Five Pawns, Space Jam, Want2Vape, Villain Vapors, and Stash Sauce.

On the plus side, none of these is a dud. On the negative side, none of them is especially inexpensive. Vaping is cheaper than smoking, but you lose some of the margin you gained by becoming hooked on these great juices.

The ones below are just the listed brands and there could be more. Keep watching DC Vape on Facebook and at their website to find out whose juices have been added lately and what kind of giveaway or competition they are running.

DC Vape Review: The Juices

All e-liquids chosen by DC Vape are made in the United States. Want2Vape owners make their own extracts so their products are truly “homemade.” Most companies order extracts and flavorings from other vendors: this is a big contrast, allowing the company to have even more quality control. Want2Vape is located in Alford, Illinois. Their flavor names are obvious: Campfire Coffee, Chocolate Fudge, Alcazar Cigar, and Analog, for instance. Their selection is bigger than those offered by the companies below.

Villain Vapor from Orange Ca chooses names which appear to have no relationship to their flavors. Reward Yourself and Pair of Deuces could be anything. The same is true at Orange County’s Space Jam: Pluto, Omega, and Andromeda. These two companies are working with a theme. Space Jam is 50/50 Juice.

Five Pawns from Irvine, California, chose unusual names like Queenside and Bowden’s Mate. Stash is a new, local company whose bottles are wax-topped for freshness and also a new addition to DC Vape.

The Advantage of a Vape Bar

With titles unrelated to flavors, the vape bar specialist is a helpful individual. Tell him the types of flavors you are interested in (coffee, candy, dessert, etc.) and he will cut out a lot of the guesswork involved in selecting a liquid. Not only will flavors be on your mind, but also propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Let knowledgeable DC Vape staff guide you to the best mix.