Cyber Liquids

The logo for Cyber Liquids is the face of a Cyborg monster; an evil mechanical head that, ironically, represents juices which are anything but evil. All Cyber Liquids are made from ingredients produced 100% in the USA and of high quality, USP vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Cyber Liquids is a three-dimensional company selling more than e-juice, but juice is the primary attraction. Use this Cyber Liquids review to navigate product listings, starting with nicotine juice.

cyberliquids.comSample of Cyber Flavors

There are loads of flavors here, all in colorful plastic bottles and costing $7.99 for 10mls. Each bottle is available with as much as 2.4% nicotine, but a zero-nic option is also available since lots of individuals are trying to cut nicotine out of their lives completely.

Plasma tastes like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers, but add a touch of menthol to make it unique. MLK Ultra combines rich, slightly sweet tobacco with maple and Kentucky Bourbon. This is another unique combination.

Raspberry flavoring becomes Red Tide. Other styles like Apple Jax, Arctic Peach and Banana Nut Bread should sound familiar, even if you have never vaped them.

Sample Sweet Sunrise when the taste of summer feels right. This light juice blends apple with watermelon: crisp and juicy.

Cyber Stores

Cyber Liquids are sold in numerous California stores including ones in Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Burbank. Customers will not be greeted by Cyborgs. There are at least two shops located in Atlanta, Georgia. The brand is also sold online at Craft Vapery and Drip Club, besides their own online page. To visit or write to Cyber Liquids, refer to their address in Buena Park, California.

Also Sold

Leaving juice aside, you can honestly shop for everything in one place, online or at a brick-and-mortar store. Smok and Sigelei are represented. Buy Skinz for the Sigelei ZMax. They are available in three shades of carbon fiber (black, grey, and white) or in pink for $2 more. Other skins will not work with the ZMax owing to its elliptical shape.

Buy a 901 atty for $3.99. Clones of Chi-You, Bagua, and Nzonic are sold for prices hovering around $50. Drip tips, shields, and tanks are listed on their website. An aluminum Clarion 510 tip is priced $2.99.

Website for Cyber Liquids

The only problem will be finding them. The background is dark and it took me a little while to discover a heading for parts and accessories listed to the right. On some pages there is no place to find it. There is nothing at the head or foot of the page.

You have to be lucky to have access to a list. Basically, it is not the easiest website to navigate if you want more than juices, but that is exclusively an online problem. Shops don’t cause you this kind of trouble. You walk in and, if the items on your list are not visible, you ask someone.