Cold Fusion Juice

Companies all over the world are preparing for the apocalypse in various ways. You can stockpile water, freeze-dried food, and battery cells. Maybe Cold Fusion Juice wants to put customers in mind of this disturbing idea that the world will end. The name won’t do it, but their gas-mask labels will. So will some of the product names.

ColdFusionJuice.comThe Story of Cold Fusion Juice

Every e juice comes with its own story, an extension of the narrative which sees buddies get together over e cigs and devise ways to make gourmet juice that knocks other juices out of the water. A lot of the imagery inherent to the website is cold and militaristic.

I think they’ve got their tongues in their cheeks though. No one here is preparing for the end of the world; they are too busy embracing new roles as makers and purveyors of fine e juice, visiting vape meets and meeting people around the country.

Buy Cold Fusion Juice

You can pick up a bottle at a retail vaping shop or go online at Origin Vape and Vapers Juice Box. Vape juice by Cold Fusion costs around $18 for 30 ml, can be 50/50 or 70/30 weighted, and contains 0, 3, 6, 12, or 18 mg of nicotine per/ml.

Cold Fusion Juice Review

Here are some of their flavors: I won’t list all ten or talk about them in depth. I found a disappointing lack of online information, and those little stories were not always helpful in regard to flavor descriptions. Shock Awe is a peach and mango blend. Fall Out combines apple with graham crackers.

Try buttery, cinnamon Breakfast Ballistics. Select Snakebite to enjoy something creamy, sweet, and spicy. High Level Incident is also sweet and creamy, but fruity. Yes, those names: they convey the bomb-shelter image and a picture of war on the ground; in this case, a war against cigarettes.

Yet the fusion referred to in their name could also relate to the melding of team members. The company comes across as a solid unit working together to build a gourmet e liquid brand.

A Look at the Market for Competitors

It was no easy task trying to find similar tastes to those offered by Cold Fusion Juices. There are several which could compare with Shock Awe because peach and mango are natural complements. But there are not a lot of creamy sweet and spicy vapes. The one that jumped out was their Gorilla Warfare: banana nut bread. Now I was on to something. Lots of brands make a juice like this, from low-cost, low-end juices to high-end products like Cyber Liquids, Boosted Vapor, and Taste Vape. All of them make their own banana nut bread blend.

But apple is usually paired with tobacco or pie pastry, possibly turned into Jolly Rancher vape, or possibly blended with pear. You will probably never see it as a campfire vape with graham crackers anywhere else.