Clouds Of Icarus

The company “Clouds of Icarus” is real enough. Located in the Philippines, they make e juice that sells in the United States for $10 per 10-ml bottle. This is not a cheap brand to try first time out. For your first clearomizer or refillable cartomizer, you want the proprietary e liquid sold by your e cig manufacturer or retail outlet, vapor juice like MadVapes, Crystal Canyon, or Apollo e juice. These companies charge less and they offer a lot more flavors than Clouds of Icarus, at least for now.

What’s with the Mythology?

How come Clouds of Icarus chose to align themselves with this particular Greek myth? Icarus was the son of Daedalus who, when his father made them wings to flee from a labyrinthine prison, flew fatally close to the sun? Icarus died but I sense that the death part is not exactly pertinent (I hope). It is the symbolism within this story which makes so much sense to a vaper.

Icarus and Daedalus sought freedom from their prison. E cigs and e liquid provide freedom to smokers. Vapers are also seeking freedom and justification in a legal sense. They want the public to see the good side of vaping and stop focusing on the potential bad side, as though, like Icarus, seeking freedom will kill vapers in the long run.

CloudsOfIcarus.comClouds of Icarus Review: Flavors

If you are in the Philippines, there are more flavors to choose from. In the United States they sell three: 24/7, Cinema, and Lemon Bar. None of these is a tobacco or menthol vape. They all convey some sweetness at least, though to greater or lesser degrees. Other flavors you might come across if you order from the Philippines are Strawberry Shortcake (soon to be released) and Manny Pakwan. The company is new so watch for further releases.

Their 24/7 e juice tastes like a cinnamon roll which has been spread with sweet frosting. Cinema blends sweet and savory styles into one juice: French vanilla kettle corn. It’s the kind of thing you would eat at a cinema and now vape at the movies instead if no one objects to the clouds you produce. If they do, sit at the back.

Lemon Bar is what the name tells you it is: a lemon bar sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. You can probably see it in your mind right now and possibly remember the smell of freshly grated lemons without even trying the vapor.

If you like watermelon vapor, Manny Pakwan is lightly sweet without being sugary. You could vape this all day without feeling nauseous.

About those Flavors

Clouds of Icarus chose not to present too much information about their products. Here and there you learn that a juice contains certain ratios of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (50/50 for Manny Pakwan; VG-dominated 70/30 for Strawberry Shortcake) but there is no indication of where ingredients come from.

Since this is a Pinoy vape, they do not operate to American standards (not that every American e juice company is especially helpful in their product descriptions either or operates out of a lab). All you know is that with a branch in San Diego, they now make juice in the USA as well as the Philippines.

It is blended with propylene glycol, 100% pure vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavorings. The lab where they blend it could be FDA-certified but I doubt it because they do not say so, and that is something customers should really want to know.

Nicotine on the Light Side

There are no specific nicotine ratings attributed to each bottle. Your choices are zero, low, and medium, but not high. Low contains up to 6 mg of nicotine and nicotine probably goes up to about 1.2%. You won’t get quite the hit stronger juices provide.

So Few Products

I have seen Clouds of Icarus e liquids written about by fans all over the internet, and they love it. These liquids produce amazing vapor clouds if you drip them, which is another reason the name “Clouds of Icarus” was chosen. This mythical character flew into the clouds before getting burned. Operate your dripping atomizer carefully and you won’t be, but your sweet e juice will vape light as a feather.