Caterpillar E Juice

Do not get mixed up between Caterpillar Vapor and Caterpillar EJuice. Their logos are similar, but the latter is distinctive. It shows a silhouette of the caterpillar from “Alice in Wonderland” as Disney animators saw him, sucking on a hookah. Names for their products also come from that beloved animated movie.

Caterpillar EJuice Review

Here are the names as they stand now: Cheshire, Mad Hatter, Ace of Spades, Off With Her Head, Chai Tea Party, Pelican, Bloodhound, Queen of Hearts, and T&T. Apparently, Caterpillar is not the only juice company to make reference to Lewis Carroll’s story, but Caterpillar E Juice is worth a second look. Their brand makes it to the top shelf at discerning vapor bars.

Mad Hatter tastes of strawberries and melon. Cheshire is a strawberry and menthol Mojito. For a fruit cocktail, you want Ace of Spaces, while Off with Her Head carries sweet fruits.

Bloodhound is creamy and tropical. Pelican gives out fruit bubble gum. For cantaloupe with menthol, go to T&T. Try a red lollipop with the Queen of Hearts.

Taste testers imagine they are sucking on a Pixie Stick when they vape Ace of Spades. Those are sticks holding flavored sugar: that’s it. You pour it down your throat, or you did when you were 10. For adults, a candy-sweet vapor juice is about as close as they usually want to get, and they find it with Caterpillar.

Although this is not cheap juice, it isn’t out of the usual person’s price range. One drop goes a long way. Buy 15mls for about $12 (give or take $1 depending on where you shop). Juice comes in concentrations of up to 1.8%. Apart from the unavoidable propylene glycol found in some flavorings, these mixtures contain only vegetable glycerin and USA-made ingredients.

What’s Missing?

If I hunt a bit more, I’m sure I’ll learn about the company. I just wish its location and background were more obvious.