Cajun Vapes

Cajun Vapes supports vaping for personal reasons. A smoking-related health scare encouraged the owners to think about e-cigs and try them, but mini cigs were not good enough for them. Their e-liquid wasn’t good enough either. Cajun Vape’s owners found a new way to make a living during their exploration of existing products and development of home brew: Bayou Swamp Juice.

cajunvapes.comCajun Vapes Review

Hardware at Cajun Vapes is overpriced from what I can tell so far. Maybe their buying power is low, because I’m sure you can pick up an Evod kit for less than $70, but two batteries are included in theirs.

The Vape Case is a soon-to-be-released phenomenon for vapers, but it should not cost $124.99 as a unit without a tank or batteries. If this price includes more than the Vape Case I’d love to see that fact listed.

Kanger Evod and Kanger Protank Mini II tanks are well priced at $10 and $17 each. A simple iTaste VV 3.0 kit is $60. That’s the one with a square battery.

The main attraction at Cajun Vapes is their e-juice. Flavors cost $5.99 for 10mls (decent) and are blended from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The ratio is not listed, but if you have any comments about ratio, Cajun Vapes is all ears. They are also more than willing to modify the juice to contain just pg or vg: give them a call or fire off an email to let them know instead of just passing them by.

Juices are not well described and in some cases that won’t matter. Butterscotch needs no further introduction. Tabac du Lac, however, means nothing to someone who has never been to the Bayou. Swamp Juice is described as simply sweet and savory tobacco.

Sweet choices include Vanilla Cream, Cheri Limeade, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Angel’s Cajun Colada.

Most companies post nicotine levels in values divisible by 6mg: 6, 12, 18, 24, and sometimes 36mg. Cajun Vapes breaks nicotine down by fives: 0, 10, 15, or 20mg of nicotine. Not sure about that last drop: could it be too far? 20mg falls between “regular” and “strong.” It’s all US-made juice, but they will need more info on the page to satisfy the FDA.