BZ Vapin’

BZ Vapin’ in La Habra, California, is one of the area’s top shops for electronic cigarettes and e-juice. Their selection includes atomizers, eGo starter kits, and 13 brands of liquid. Visit their store if you want a relaxed experience and are tired of pressure sales.

bzvapin.comBZ Vapin’ Review

The shop where you visit BZ Vapin’ in person is small with a laid-back feel. Employees are really friendly but not pushy, and if you need some help, they are more than happy to show you how to rebuild an atomizer or decide what product is right for you.

The store opened in the summer of 2013 and is finally getting around to posting a website. It isn’t ready yet, but a visit to the site shows what they stock at the store and tells you a little bit about its origins. BZ Vapin’s website font is difficult to read: a sort of techno-script with double lines. That’s okay: just go to their shop instead.

Juice at BZ Vapin’

If their lineup of juice is anything to go by, BZ Vapin’ only sells good stuff; high-quality products. That means the consumer is going to spend more, but his e-liquid will be a worthwhile purchase, not the kind of bottle that sits unused in a cupboard.

Find P-Noise, Villain Vapors, Ruthless E-Juice, Vape Aura, and several other varieties for sale at their vape bar.

Unique Items

Drip tips can be dull or they can be exciting: some consumers don’t give them a second thought. High Flowz Drip Tips appear to be BZ Vapin’s own invention. Ask to see a selection.

Rebuildable Atomizers and Other Hardware

Currently, BZ Vapin’ carries the Kayfun Lite Plus, Tugboat, Igo-W and Igo-T, and Aga-T RBAS. There is a reason all of these sell well in the e-cig business: they work well, producing lots of vapor and great flavor.

Starter Kits

The company sells starter kits, but not 510 newbie packages. Products include the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0, an advanced personal vaporizer with adjustable voltage. A Zmax is on the menu. Try a Kamry X-6, K100 or K101. Unless the big guns are behind their counter, BZ Vapin’ is packing quality but not over-priced goods.