Bull Smoke

By Rebecca Diaz

Tired of trying subpar ecig brands that just don’t deliver the performance they promised before you purchased them?

With the rise of popularity of ecigs, hundreds of brands are now in the ecig industry trying to make space for them in the competitive environment. Most of these brands try to make false claims in order to make quick sales. If you are serious about getting the right deal with the right product, then look out for premium brands. Bull Smoke is among the best electronic cigarette brands because it performs at a very high level.

Bull Smoke Ranch Hand Starter KitDesign

Instead of going for a high end futuristic and elegant design, Bull Smoke ecigs maintain a tough and rugged outlook. This one is meant for tough guys and it performs like one too. Bull Smoke ecigs have a similar design profile to many other ecig brands out there. However, when you hold the ecig in your hand, you can instantly tell the difference between the qualities.


Bull Smoke puts in a lot of effort to make sure you get a product that delivers the claimed performance. Its high quality battery technology enables it to produce more vapor through extended heat and power. As a result, you not only get better vapor production but also tastier flavor.

Nicotine Content

Since Bull Smoke is intended for tough guys and hardcore smokers, you as an ecig user can choose from 5 different nicotine levels instead of the general 4 levels mostly available. The highest nicotine strength includes 24mg which is often not present in many other brands. With 24mg, you can get almost the same amount of nicotine you would get from a normal cigarette. This is great for users who want to adapt ecigs but are hesitant because of their subtle nature.

Guaranteed to satisfy

Bull smoke is so confident in their ecig that they have placed a life time warranty and 30 day money back guarantee for all its users. If you somehow don’t get the results you expected from the ecig, you can always return it back to Bull Smoke and get back all the money spent. Furthermore, a lifetime warranty means that if your ecig starts performing awkwardly or just doesn’t work, you can always send back for a free checkup and replacement if necessary. With such a high quality product and these added features, Bull Smoke is safe trip into ecig industry.