Blue Hawaiian Artisan E-juice

The Blue Hawaiian E-Juice company does not reside in Hawaii, ironically, but in California. Doesn’t California possess enough beautiful features of its own without borrowing a whole other state for promotional purposes? At least they chose the right state to go with their tropical, exotic flavors and the warmth they emanate. Here is a Blue Hawaiian Artisan E-Juice review for those of you who love flavors associated with sunny climes.


The catch word as they call it at Blue Hawaiian is “ohana,” meaning “family.” You become a part of their family when you purchase their e-juice. As family members, customers should be able to trust the maker of their vapor to use ingredients that are safe and which they would only give to their real family members.

In this case, Blue Hawaiian is talking about better-than-USP ingredients and 100% US nicotine. Their juice is blended from 50% vegetable glycerin, 50% propylene glycol to strengths of 0, 6, 12, or 18 mg of nicotine and sold in 15-ml blue bottles with dripper caps.

Eleven Juices

Their menu contains just 11 e-liquids. They are Surf’s Up, Tropical Sunrise, Keiki Delight, Diamond Head, Ono Plantain, Polynesian Punch, Big Kahuna’s Brew, Lola’s Guava, Hokeo, Shootz, and Rambutan. I will describe some of these in quick detail.

Lola’s Guava

Out of the flavors above, one will not need much description. You know what Lola’s Guava is going to taste like and the company hits the right notes with this light yet solid flavor. It’s delicious and sweet, like real guava.

Oh Shootz

The only non-fruity vape at Blue Hawaiian is Shootz. Is this a reference to some kind of milky cocktail? If so, then it’s one that tastes like a vanilla and cream milkshake. You are going to taste the vanilla for sure.

Polynesian Punch from the Vine

Do you like white grape juice or crave a really good grape e juice? This is Polynesian Punch with a twist of lemon and sour tart. It’s not all that sour but tangy, refreshing, and unusual.

Fruity Hokeo

One reviewer tried Hokeo and could not detect the flavors he was promised at all. He got something entirely different. What vapers are supposed to taste is a blend of strawberry and coconut in a style that is both fruity and candied.

Exotic Rambutan

Several Californian companies and others have developed lychee e juices. Top-shelf businesses often do this successfully. A relative of lychee, rambutan is evident in this flavor though it might take an expert to detect subtle differences between them.

Diamond Head

Expect excellent clouds from this citrus juice tasting of lime and tangy pineapple. Enjoy the sweet-sour balance.

Wake Up to a Tropical Sunrise

Apple and cantaloupe are chopped up and served fresh in this tropical e-juice from Blue Hawaiian. It’s like a healthy breakfast. Perhaps add a dash of vanilla milkshake for protein.

Where Can You Buy Blue Hawaiian E-liquid?

A selection of vendors heavily favors California, winds its way to Nevada and across to Massachusetts, Michigan, before veering up to Hawaii, and strangely France and Guam. Pay close attention to the product you are looking at. There are loads of liquids entitled “Blue Hawaiian” representing the flavor of the eponymous cocktail which are not Blue Hawaiian Artisan E-Juices.

Visit them on Facebook

Stay connected with the company by visiting their Facebook page to find out where they will be selling their juice or spreading the word about products. The business started in 2013 and subscription services have picked up Blue Hawaiian goods, so if you don’t find them in stores your monthly box could contain a Blue Hawaiian e-juice: if you like fruity tastes, that is.