Blu Cigs

Take a look at the net and you will see how many stars Blu Cigs is used to getting. They frequently top the charts with customers and blog writers, but why? Can you trust a Blu Cigs review to give you the goods? If you read enough of them, an impression takes shape that you can be fairly satisfied with.


Blu Cigs was one of the pioneers of electronic cigarette manufacturing. Having been around from the start more or less, they have had time to refine their product and come up with ways to make it unique from others. The single most unusual feature of their cigs is the social feature.

Do you plan to approach a stranger just because she is pretty and smokes a Blu Cig like yours? A new wave of chat-up lines has probably been born out of the product’s social feature.

In the Open

If you plan to vape in public, decide if you are the sort of person who loves a laugh at someone else’s expense or not. A few people have played around with e-cigs that look like analogs just to wind bystanders up. Most responsible people, though, realize the benefit of puffing on a vaping stick that looks nothing like a cigarette.

Blu cigs have a blue tip, not an orange or red one. They are sleek black things, not cigarette-paper yellow and white. Once in a while a newcomer to the idea of vaping will take you to task for smoking in public, but showing them you are vaping, not smoking, will be simple.


No matter how you roll it, electronic cigs are cheaper than old-style cigarettes. They are designed to be powered by rechargeable batteries. Cartridges, which cost less than cigarette packs, often last the equivalent of two packs. Blu Cigs cartridge packs cost twelve dollars each. A short math equation will show you the answer: that you just saved yourself a wad of cash.

It is still worth sizing up the competition. $12.00 is reasonable for five cartridges. Buying multiple packs at a time makes Blu juice even cheaper.

A $79.95 Premium Starter Kit provides the social feature on its charging pack, while the rest of the kit contains standard items like two batteries, 5 cartridges, a USB charger, and a wall adaptor. You do not have to pay this much to get started, though, no matter how good the product looks.