Black Cloud Vapor

In this Black Cloud Vapor review, take a look at selection and prices of both hardware and e-juice. Black Cloud contends with a huge and growing number of general electronic cigarette suppliers carrying starter kits, variable voltage devices, mods, accessories, and home brew (e-liquid).

BlackCloudVapor.comStarter Kits

First are the kits, always handy for supplying the vaper with essential pieces compatible with items he buys later. This list includes a Chrome Vamo V5 kit for $59.99, the Innokin Cool Fire at $39.99, and an Innokin SVD Express Kit for $44.99.

Already you should be tantalized by the prices of packages and Black Cloud Vapor’s chosen brands. Innokin is always a reliable default if you have no idea which brand to select.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers

The name appears again under this heading which contains e-cigs designed to be controlled by the vaper. If you have some concept of what it means to your experience when you can alter voltage, then the Innokin MVP could be your next step after a 510 starter or an eGo.

With an iClear 30, the MVP kit is priced $49.99. Vision Spinner batteries are sold here for $23.99. They are controlled by a dial at the bottom but do not carry an LED screen. Also, you have to buy a tank to go with it. This is just a place to get started.

Clearomizers at Black Cloud Vapor

Now you want a clearomizer; a tank for your battery. The Kayfun line is popular. Pay $44.99 for a Kayfun 3.1. Innokin iClear X.1 clearos cost $22.99, which is just $7 less than a Kraken Stainless RBA Clone by HCigar. Actually, BCV is big on HCigar clones which replace many higher priced rebuildable atomizers and mods. They also carry an HCigar Ithaka for $44.99.

Mechanical Mods

Again with the clones; their presence is even more deeply felt under the heading for mechanical mods. You have a Foggatti Hybrid ($45.99), Turtle Ship V.2 Clone ($39.99), and the Brass Caravela Mod 1:1 Clone for $44.99. All of these are HCigar devices.

Do you care if your mod is the authentic item or feel grateful there is a cheaper alternative? Some consumers and vendors are adamant: carry the real thing or don’t bother. A lot of reviewers, however, suggest that several mods are really good in their own right.


Once you are working with RBAs and RDAs you have to have a stock of certain parts at home. These coils, wicks, and atomizer heads are all stocked at Black Cloud Vapor with batteries and an ohm meter which unfortunately sells for twice the price of at least one competitor.

E-Liquid by Black Cloud Vapor

The liquid at BCV costs $4.99 for 12mls, putting it into the “reasonable” range. Your choices are 50/50 or maximum and as much as 24mg of nicotine. Buy a 12, 20, or 30ml bottle of your favorite sort. Whiplash blends strawberry, raspberry, Apple Jolly Rancher, dragon fruit, pear, and adds a drop of menthol ice. You could vape cinnamon gummy bears or a Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco.