Bedford Slims

Bedford Slims look like cigarettes, which is exactly what the company is aiming for. A smoker will often want an electronic cigarette to appear much like his analog and to feel similar in his hands. As a result, switching routines should be much easier than, say, switching from analogs to a mod. There is very little to get used to.

Bedford Slims Review

Artistic e cig batteries for Bedford Slims are designed by Joshua Williams and Aimée Wilder. These independent designers bring totally different flavors to their work. They also make the brand look distinctive.

Cartridges are slightly more capacious than the usual e cig cartridges, so you should get more life out of each one. With batteries designed to last longer too, these are a step up from the mini e cig but not as powerful as eGo-style batteries.

Several of the reviews posted on this site about Bedford Slims electronic cigarettes were written by professionals for the regular press. Some publications are devoted to technical and e cig subjects.

Others include Trend Hunter, CNN Money, and Wakefield. The rest of the reviews below these are mostly written by satisfied customers. I did not read anything negative. For that kind of review, you want to hunt further on the internet. Every company disappoints someone. Generally, Bedford Slims appears to be the very thing to keep new vapers away from cigarettes.

Flavor Cartridges

The only flavors at Bedford Slims are Dark Roast, Tobacco, Menthol, and Clove. That’s pretty slim pickings, even for a mini cig company. But Bedford Slims approaches flavors the way some high quality coffee companies approach roasting beans. They deal with small batches at a time, reducing the chance of creating inconsistencies. Cartridges are sold in packets of 5 for $13, quite affordable.

Vapourette Kit

Presumably, Vapourette refers to the size of a mini cig: not quite a vaporizer, yet not a cigarette either. A one-battery system costs $39. There is really very little point to even selling a one-battery kit as many consumers will tell you. While one stronger battery is fine when you buy an eGo kit, you can’t vape all day with a cigalike battery, even a 280mAh Li-ion. The two-battery system only costs another $10 and that’s the best way to go. It comes with 5 flavor cartridges and both chargers.

If you fall for these products and you want to buy more, a USB costs $10 and a wall adaptor is $17.

Starter kits are not for everyone. Customers sometimes like the option of assembling their own selection of gear, starting perhaps with just the e cig battery and a single cartridge. In this case, a mini kit is the best option. For $12, it has a rechargeable battery and 24mg of nicotine in your chosen flavor. Buy a carton of 10 for $105, which is really great value if you want to spread these around to smoking friends.