Beauticig sounds like it should be a brand of mini cig, but it’s not. Beauticig is a Chinese company based in e cig central: Shenzen. This is the city where most electronic cigarettes are made for audiences around the world.

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Images of the factory online show a well-lit, spacious, clean, and organized manufacturing facility. You can also see that their global partners are located in Africa, Australia, North America, and South America. The brand enjoys excellent coverage.

Their products include atomizers, clearomizers, box mods, pipe mods, mechanical mods, eGo devices, adapters, chargers, and more. Their latest device is the Blissie.

Blissie E Cig from Beauticig

This could be the most fitting item on the Beauticig list because it seems to have been designed with beauty in mind. Available in five colors, Blissie e cigs come with a cap and, when fully assembled, resemble bottles of perfume. They measure 110 mm, carry 1.9 ml of liquid, and provide 420 mAh.

The Harmony Series

Beauticig makes several series of e cigs and accessories. Under each heading, one will find three or more items. The Harmony Series contains a 350- and a 650/900-mAh e cig featuring unique magnetic connection. While this makes it impossible to thread with anything else, magnets are easy to use.

The Harmony Series perhaps gets its name from the harmonious fusion of two vaporizing materials: waxes and e liquids. Each one requires its own chamber but operates using the same battery. Retailers sell units for about $30.

Dream Series

There are several RBAs in this category, such as the BT801 comprised of steel mesh with a stainless steel body. The BT 804 rebuildable atomizer is available in stainless steel or brass and chrome with hidden coils and wicks. An air vent cools the RBA so it will not overheat. Resistance is 2.4-ohm and it holds 1.4 ml of liquid.

Lave Fire Series

The Smart VZ Mechanical mod under this heading has a side firing button. Stainless steel casing features brass buttons and is CNC-machined. Use the Smart VZ with an 18650, 18350, or a 16340 battery. It’s flexible and practical.

The King Series

Beauticig turns its attention to pipe smokers with their two E pipes and Vapor Wood Mods. They provide elegance and electronics simultaneously. Many e cig consumers never smoked analogs but were drawn to pipe tobacco and the appeal of wooden pipe bowls. Such customers like the shape of a pipe mod but the texture of wooden e cig box mods.

Hero Series

The Hero appears similar to an Innokin iTaste VTR or MVP, but the design is original. There is no PCB board inside this chrome-colored unit which holds up to 5 ml of liquid. You can expect to pay similar prices for the Hero as you would for the MVP, or possibly less. Like Innokin, Beauticig manufactures products en masse.

Wholesale Purchases

Beauticig does not sell products directly to customers. They sell to distributors who operate e cig or vaporizer websites and stores. You are equally as likely to find their products at either type of store.

The Beauticig website is useful as a reference page, however. Much of what you want to know is there, although the English is somewhat awkward at times. If you find this to be true, locate an American vendor and ask questions by phone or email.


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