Baker White

You will not be alone if the name “Baker White” puts you in mind of baking chocolate and other products used to produce confection and pastries. The website carries on the illusion with the quilted, stitched “texture” of graphics and the simple, clean mixture of red and white.

“Chocolate” is what the name said to me, and it turns out that many flavors in their catalogue live up to the impression that sugar can be found here. Items such as Ambrosia and Baker’s Dream could be cake or pudding mixes, not e liquids. I double-checked obsessively to make sure I had not, in fact, clicked onto a link for wholesale baking flavors.

bakerwhiteinc.comA Baker White Review

Baker White was formed about two years ago with a woman who knows about cooking and flavors to do the choosing and blending. Whether she vapes or not is unclear, but we are made aware of Baker White’s values.

They aim to create satisfying and safe vapes. That word, “safe”: it reminds me that a lot of commercial operations are on the ball and ready to defend their craft when the Food and Drug Administration comes knocking.

Facilities are described as a “clean room environment,” whatever that means. Being clean is not the same thing as following FDA regulations.

All ingredients are sourced from the United States and a PhD chemist oversees blending. You have got to be impressed with how professional and forward thinking they are. Their efforts indicate what the FDA is going to expect in the future.

Some Flavors from Baker White

The website at Baker White is only a catalogue for wholesalers and distributors to peruse at their leisure. There are no online sales to ordinary consumers, although Baker White has started to produce small bottles for sale by other retailers. Consumers had to buy a gallon at a time when Baker White first opened their doors.

Those flavors include Cappuccino, Cinnamon, and lots of others that are similarly self-explanatory. Summer Tea resembles an Arnold Palmer-style ice tea. Ambrosia blends cherries and cream. Happy Almond, Baker’s Dream (banana nut), and Havana Nights are three other concoctions.

Mountain Dew is described as a crisp version of that sweet drink without quite the level of saccharine usually expected. That makes a refreshing change. Strawberry Field is nothing special: average; strawberry. Vanilla lovers experience a smooth and balanced flavor from Vanilla Dream, something like cake, actually.

Ordering Baker White

Baker White is located in Ramsey, MN, with stores in Blue Springs and Kansas City in MO, among others. Use the retail finder on their website to locate the closest real store to where you live. Another way to find Baker White e liquids is to explore online retail sites. Hoosier E Cigs, for instance, carries some of their flavors: 6ml for $3.99.