Atomic Vapors

Atomic Vapors definitely has a strong following, and they are completely approachable. They sound like a company too hot to touch; even radioactive. In fact, you will warm up immediately to owner Jeff who describes himself first as a family man, then as the owner of a business.

An image like that will leave you feeling confident he isn’t out to burn you. How can you not like this guy or his company? By the way, you might have met Jeff before when you was owner of NEPAVAPORS in 2011.

atomicvapors.comAtomic Vapors Review

There is an undeniable appeal to Atomic Vapors flavors. Reviews all over the internet paint a tasty picture. The catalogue of flavors is short, but each one has been hand crafted to the point where Jeff and his team can be proud.

Visit their Vape Bar in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania, where you will also find an eliquid tasting bar. That’s the best way to try juice you are unfamiliar with if you are fortunate enough to live in the area.

Atomic Vapors Juices

The list of Atomic Vapors juice is too long to describe in full, but let’s look at a few of them. Each 10ml bottle, priced $7, comes in 0-24mg of nicotine. 30ml bottles are also available. If a bottle size and/or nicotine level is out of stock this is indicated when you make your selection.

Fall Out Menthol is a simple menthol, the name of which is in keeping with an “atomic” theme. Grape-Intosh combines grapes with McIntosh apples.

The first eliquid from Atomic Vapors, the one which led to the start of their company, is Nuke. It’s a blend of cinnamon, peach, and menthol. Lavolta Lemon will remind you of lemonade on a really hot summer day. Try Loca Mocha for some crazy chocolate-coffee goodness.


Where the website points to “custom” juice, this is a place to buy big jugs of it in 120ml, 250ml, or 500ml volumes. Pay $69.99 (for how much it was not clear). You can expect to wait 2 to 5 days to take possession of your wonderful eliquid.

A flat rate is charged against the cost of shipping wholesale juice, but I saw two figures on the website: $11.99 and $12.95. There isn’t much difference but it would be great if they could state just one figure for clarity’s sake.

Other Online Sales

If the website for Atomic Vapors is to be believed, they sell starter kits, devices, accessories, batteries, chargers, and RBAs. The trouble is that if you click on a heading for anything other than Atomic Vapors eliquid, nothing pops up on the screen. They sell EVOD starter kits and disposable kits, variable voltage and mechanical mods. There are no pictures, though, and no prices.

The same goes for all of the other eliquids they carry. I’m going to assume that The Standard, Juice by Numbers, Blue Print, Jackson Vapor, Mr. Goodvape, Steam Junk, and Space Jam eliquids are all at the bar for customers visiting in person.

A Five-Day Week

Most people work a five-day week, maybe Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday. Jeff takes time off to be with his family on Monday and Tuesday, or maybe those days he has off because Atomic Vapors is a side venture. He’s got another job that adventurous Philadelphian.