Businesses have to make profits to keep going. Customers appreciate that. What consumers do not like is learning that they have been ripped off by companies so interested in profits that they choose not to establish relationships with clients. That relationship is what keeps clients coming back to a single vendor, even if they pay a little more for a product. AquaVaporCig does its best to be one of the better e cig companies.

AquaVaporCig.comEducation at AquaVaporCig

That is one reason they spend almost as much time telling customers about e cigs and educating them as they do listing and describing products. Visit their “About Us” section and within that heading are sub-headings designed to help new vapers choose a product that will make an ideal starting or advancement point. Learn the primary differences between terms (What an Advanced Personal Vaporizer is, 510 e cig, etc.). When unfamiliar terms pop up, refer to their glossary for assistance.

AquaVaporCig Review

Both sides of their crowded website home page feature side bars. On the left are headings for products: coming soon, new releases, 510 devices, and so on. On the right are FAQs, customer stats, and “About Us” plus more. In fact, there is a lot of information crammed onto the front page, like a warehouse full to the brim with products.

This is a warehouse after all: one shipping over 2,000 items daily. The company was established in 2008 and operates from Broadway, North Carolina. AquaVaporCig is BBB-accredited and an award-winning firm to do business with as a distributor or individual customer.

Brands at AquaVaporCig

You will find some of the best brands here: Aspire, Joyetech, HCigar, Boge, and others. Some names are less familiar: Dovpo and Beauticig, for instance. Their own AquaVaporCig line is also an unknown quantity, but I was reassured to read this: Aqua Vapor Cig sells products they have tested and found suitable.

This family-owned business, started by an ex-smoker, is committed to starting and maintaining long-term relationships with clients. They want to give them the customer service they desire but fail to receive elsewhere, especially when confronted with companies making big promises.


Don’t be embarrassed if you were conned out of your money by a company offering a free trial of their electronic cigarettes. You paid $5 for shipping, but that was all the company needed to secure your credit card details. Now the firm is charging you for products they send but you don’t want, and there is no way to get hold of them. It’s an all-too-common story.

AquaVaporCig warns against this type of policy which has robbed numerous Americans, encouraging individuals to be wary of offers so good they can’t be true. The business is involved in the vaping community, contributes to forums, and continues to conduct research into the field.

Aqua Vapor Cig's ProductsProducts at AquaVaporCig

Along the left as mentioned above are the product headings. Among these are starter kits: a long list awaits you. These start with cigalikes, but instead of being branded they are identified by threading. You can buy an RN40811 kit or a DSE901 starter for $49.95.

These are unbelievably well priced for starter kits stocked with items. It seems the only thing missing is a brand name. You receive 2 batteries, a USB charger and AC adapter, 5 pre-filled or refillable cartridges, and 10 ml of liquid. Cartridges are brown or black, but white, pink, or stainless steel if you want empties.

There is also a 510-ONE kit which resembles the ordinary 510 except this is a two-piece model. Cartridge and atomizer are united as is the case above. Pay $29.95 for a battery, 5 cartridges, a USB charger, case, and 10 ml of liquid. This is an excellent deal. The other 510-ONE kits are priced from $49.95 and up.

An eGo blister pack, just enough to get you started with manual batteries, costs $19.95. This contains e liquid, a full CE4 e cig and battery, and a USB charger. Pay up to $69.95 and receive two 1100-mAh VV batteries, capable of 3.3 to 4.8 volts of output. These come with 4 bottom-feed tanks (Evod and T3s) and a Pyrex ProTank. Ten milliliters of juice and a charging kit are also included.

For advanced users, there are several APVs starting at $39.95 and ranging upwards from there.

Browse e liquid by Suicide Bunny, Cyclops Vapor, King’s Crown and AquaVaporCig. Their liquid is made from 100% USP ingredients and comes in 5 values of nicotine from 0 to 24 mg. Choose Irish cream, Kahlua, kiwi, apple, banana, black tobacco, and more.

Everything else is regarded as an accessory, including tanks and clearomizers. AquaVaporCig also offers e pipes and e cigars.

Further Incentives

Since this is a tough business these days with so many fingers in the same pie, one way to try and crowd out the other fingers is to offer loyalty reward points. You receive a point per dollar you spend, but 20 points is equal to $1. Product reviews and referrals also earn customers $5 of money to spend on e cigs and parts.

Fun Trivia

Perhaps you don’t care, or maybe you do: which state spends the most money at AquaVaporCig? The Customer Stats chart on your right when reading the home page shows where the greatest number of customers comes from. It looks like every state is represented, but Texas, Florida, and California are at the top. Washington DC, Wyoming, and Alaska are at the bottom.

Rating AquaVaporCig

Their name makes me think of a superhero: Aqua Man, or something like that. It’s a bit funny, but then again, e cig companies are considered heroic to the many people who stopped smoking because of electronic cigarettes. AquaVaporCig is a top company because it doesn’t matter where you are at. You will find a mini cig for those first wary puffs, an advanced model offering greater control options, or something completely advanced. Every part you require is sold from one location.

You are encouraged to call if the details on line provide too much information to take in. Staff will help you to decide on a product right for your level of vaping prowess.



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