Apollo E Cigs

The name Apollo makes people think of the future; of adventures in space and modern innovation. A review of Apollo E Cigs, however, might have you wondering if the brand is rooted in the past.

Apollo Review: Batteries

The primary problem with Apollo appears to be battery life. They are not using the best type of battery available to them, which is a shame if you know anything about batteries. Someone new to electronic vaping, however, only knows what he has tried. If you are a first-timer, having to charge your battery repeatedly each day might not seem like a problem. You just buy more of them and always have one on charge.

Charging Batteries

This is why many consumers who buy Apollo e-cigs purchase a kit with a personal charger or buy one separately. This item, when charged, keeps spare batteries fuelled up at the same time. You cannot be without this handy device if you plan to vape in places where there is nowhere to plug in a wall adaptor or a USB charger.

Propylene Glycol

Are there still companies using propylene glycol in their e-liquid? Absolutely: lots of firms do, especially ones which get their liquid from overseas. Apollo uses 100% U.S.-made e-liquid, yet they still believe in propylene glycol. The company carries pre-filled cartridges and refill bottles.

Refill bottles contain a blend of 60% propylene glycol and 40% vegetable glycerin. Apparently the pre-filled cartomizers contain 100% PG, but this is not so clear on the Apollo website. Check that information for yourself. One user suggests propylene glycol does not produce the vapor your want. Vegetable glycerin is the vapor master.

Buying Nicotine Refills

At least there are bulk deals available, meaning savings for regular users of ecig cartomizers. With their tank system product, refilling clearomizers from your own bottle helps you limit the amount of stuff you throw out and how much money you spend on liquid.

Will you be impressed by their flavors? That is impossible to say. What one consumer tastes when he puffs could be very different from the flavor another person experiences. Variety, however, is a positive feature of Apollo’s line. Apart from the usual possibilities of cherry, multiple tobacco flavors, two coffee styles, and multiple menthols, Apollo also sells Cherry Limeade, Zen Peach Tea, and other fruity delights.