Although the name “AnyVape” suggests a kind of lax approach to products, like the firm carries just any old electronic cigarette devices and tanks, that isn’t the case. AnyVape is responsible for the Davide and Mini Davide. They also make Aspire clearomizers. This Chinese company based in Shenzhen (where a lot of e cig companies are situated) is available for wholesale purchases directly, or customers can buy their goods from online distributors and retail shops.

Davide King BDC and BCC Compact

If you buy this product from China, your minimum order is 50 sets. The tank is made of copper and Pyrex, holds about 2.5mls, and allows for resistance between 1.5 and 2.5ohms. It comes in clear, black, blue, green, and brown and works with eGos, 510s, and mods. Buy it from a distributor and you might very well be presented with a limit of how many you can buy, such as 4 at a time per customer.

The Aspire BDC Clearomizer

The same goes for their Aspire Clearomizer, a 1.8/2.1ohm item in stainless, red, purple, green, pink, black, or blue. It is threaded for eGo devices and the company claims there is no leakage on these beautiful, wine bottle-shaped tanks. Vapers are probably more familiar with the Aspire Clearomizer than a Davide.

Actually, customers report that sometimes their Aspire tanks do leak, but forums help clients clear this problem up without too much difficulty. There are lots of ways around a leaky tank unless it is simply a dud, which happens — even when a product is generally good. Otherwise, most customers report that, as promised, their tanks do not leak.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

If you want to buy replacement Pyrex tubes for your Davide, they are really cheap: roughly $2.45 was just the price quoted by one internet retailer. There are others, though the Davide is not your most common model. A complete Davide Glassomizer costs about $14.99. It comes with changeable parts, a battery adaptor, and 2 coil heads. To find out about wholesale prices, contact AnyVape online, call them. Your own AnyVape review is likely to be positive.