American E Liquid

There is USA-made e liquid in the general sense and then there is American E Liquid, a brand of nicotine juice. You can find these juices on their website alongside DuraSmoke e liquids and products.

AmericanELiquidStore.comThe Cost of E Liquids for Vapers

A 15ml bottle of American E Liquid e liquid costs $9.99, unless you want the highest nicotine level: 36mg. In this case, prepare to pay $14.99. Also, zero nicotine e-liquids cost $4.99 for the same volume.

Though most companies do not adjust prices according to nicotine concentration and allow the situation to naturally balance itself, charging more makes sense. Nicotine is more expensive than propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

Customers can also purchase 30ml for $17.99 or 60ml for $129.99, and save 10% or 18% respectively.

Flavors of Nicotine Juice

Blackberry Champagne is described as sophisticated and is one of the top-rated American E Liquid juices. They offer apple, apple cinnamon, and English Toffee. This one should remind you of Werther’s hard candy.

Peanut Butter Cup is a rich treat. Tobacco-Cocoa disappoints consumers. Clove, however, saves the day.

X-Line Liquids

Two cigar juices form the X-Line: Havanax and X1. The Havanax description takes viewers back in time to 1962 and an embargo put in place by the John F. Kennedy administration against Cuba. Havanax should taste like a Havana Cigar.

X1 could be an all-day-vape if you enjoy cigar tobacco. This is full of character and semi-sweet.

Site Features

One enjoyable aspect of the American E Liquid site is the ability to compare chosen products. Tick the “compare” box for two or more items and they are featured side-by-side so you can look more closely at the aspects they share and their dissimilarities. These include ratings, descriptions, and would apply to price except that X-Line e-liquids cost the same as regular American E Liquid.

Also from American E Liquid

The makers of American E Liquid also bring you DuraSmoke, priced $6.99 for 10ml bottles. Flavors such as Raspberry Chill, Root Beer Candy, Pear Cream, and Fireball are just four of many products.

Their online store carries items like a DuraSmoke rechargeable single, tobacco or menthol, costing just $9.99 (with no USB, but still better than a disposable). The same kit with a USB, however, costs $19.99. That’s a stunning and unnecessary jump: a USB should cost about $5.

You could upgrade to the Double Clearo Kit which is only slightly more difficult to use but comes with two 650mAh batteries, two 1.6ml clearomizers, the USB charger, AC adapter, and a case for $66.98.

Pick up a Kanger EVod Kit with two batteries, replacement heads, two cartomizers, chargers, and a manual for only $59.99. Disposable clearomizers cost $5.59. They stock batteries, atomizers, and chargers.

About American E Liquid

Based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, American E Liquid’s website exudes a corporate feel. You are not introduced to the owner or given even his or her first name. The company has been ISO 9001 certified, meaning they meet certain international standards.

There are three goals reported by American E Liquid: to make fresh juice, deliver it quickly, and to be accessible to customers. All the usual ways of making contact are listed.