As soon as you enter their site, Ahlusion presents details about their products and company as though to make it clear: if you deal with us, you get quality stuff. They even say as much: don’t order from us if you want fast delivery and instant gratification.

Their owners, Wlad and Alley, make a point of being transparent about themselves and the ingredients they use. It’s refreshing to read personal stories of the people behind the scenes making products they are not afraid to add their names and faces to. In the electronic cigarette business, there is a lot of this kind of transparency, especially when it comes to small companies selling e-liquids.

Who are Wlad and Alley?

Wlad is a United States Marine currently serving in the Reserves. He and Alley live with their kids in Swartz Creek, Michigan, where they first started mixing e-liquid almost a decade ago.

With backgrounds in baking and aromatherapy, they are ideally suited to this alternative venture. Their audience used to be just the adults in their military community, but that business grew into what appears to be a sophisticated and confident firm with a global audience, a firm specializing in nicotine juice for e-cigs.

Their physical shop set up in Swartz Creek looks more like a modular house than a business, while their online presence is as polished after 4 years as many bigger firms manage in 10. Ahlusion balances down-to-earth practices with business acumen.

The Pre-mixed E-Liquid Choice

A selection of pre-mixed juices is available starting at $4.50 for 10mls, plus 10 and 30ml bottle sizes. These come in 6mg of nicotine, a very low option, but this is why Ahlusion makes their other selection of juices starting at $9 for 10mls.

Ahlusion.usAn Ahlusion Review

Categories of juices are Aromatic, Chocolate, Cocktail, Coffee, Dessert, Fruit, Beverage, Tea, Tobacco, and Other. Lots of them overlap but the final number when all is said and done is 184 listings. Flavors come in ratios of 10VG to 90PG, 30-70, 50-50, 70-30, or 90VG to 10PG. Nicotine values start at 0 and go up to 24mg.

Aromatic options are tobacco flavors: Vurley, Honey Cured, Sweet Grass Burley, and others. Chocolate types reflect the culinary background behind the Ahlusion partnership. There’s Tell-A-Nut (move the letters around to form “Nutella”), an exotic-sounding Chocolate-Mint Rooibos Tea, and Chocolate Coconut Almond. Strawberry Colada, Blue Fairy (Absinthe), and various versions of a Mimosa (pear, pomegranate, and more) join other cocktails.

Select Caramel Coffee, Spiced Pumpkin Latte, or Kona Kick for your jolt of Java. Desserts like Blueberry Vanilla Cake, Coconut Macaroon, and Tarte Tatin Peach remind you of old-fashioned baked goodness and also of the mixologists’ baking skills.

Fruits like Kiwi, Honey Blueberry, and Melon with Lime add fresh flavors. Cactus Cooler, Cherry Cola, and Papaya Lassi provide “liquid” refreshment. Try a Boba Tea Lychee, Black Peach Tea, or aromatic Masala Chai. More Tobaccos include Maple, Cherry, and Peach Wild Wood. Finally, feel the kiss of menthol from an Ice Kiss. Taste creamy mint from a St. Patty’s Shamrock. Savor the spiciness of Ginger Candy. Those last three are listed under “Other.”

Ingredients at Ahlusion

Ahlusion juices are all made in the United States without any ingredients known to cause harm. That is, if an artificial coloring is added to a blend, testing has proven it to be harmless. Eighty percent of their flavor extracts are produced in-house. All of their vegetable glycerin is 100% organic and 100% pure USP-grade.

More from the Company

Do not shop at Ahlusion for your hardware: there isn’t much for sale in that area. Out of 40 products, many items are drip tips. Several atomizers are featured. You will find an AGI RBA, tank tubes, batteries, and the Shortstop. They carry one vaping device, the Smoktech Magneto, sold here for about $50. That’s amazing considering most companies sell it for around the same figure, bigger firms carrying a larger volume of stock.

Impressions of Ahlusion

Alley and Wlad put their focus on quality products, not quantity. I am glad they were able to make a profitable business out of something that started small and feel compelled to root for them.

You have to wait a while for e-liquid: they say processing takes up to 5 days unless you purchase Express juices. All other orders are processed when received.

It’s great being able to change the vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio to what I want, and that 90VG to 10PG is realistic: hardly anyone claims to make 100% VG e-liquid except one or two boutique, high-end firms.

The only trouble I have with Ahlusion relates to their Express juices. They are the same price as made-to-order products and also only available in one nicotine rating. Yet, it’s clear the Express line is not where the company is most deeply invested, so it’s no surprise.

Still, why would I pay $9 for 10mls of something ready-made, not knowing how long it had sat there, when I could choose my nicotine level, flavor, and VG/PG ratio for the same price? A big difference I guess is that it’s possible to buy a $4.50, 5ml bottle from the Express menu, while Made-to-Order juices come only in 10, 30, and 60mls.

As far as pricing goes, Ahlusion won’t be attracting the cheap crowd. $9 for 10mls is on the high end. Yep, you pay for good stuff, and lots of people are in the market for that. Ahlusion’s selling points include their many unusual flavors (such as the several Mimosa and chocolate recipes) and quality ingredients.