ACE EJuice

Are you interested in buying an iTaste SVD, Aspire Nautilus BDC, or Ithaka RBA? Are you in the market for a starter kit, RBA, RDA, or searching for juice? This ACE EJuice review will outline what the company carries, including some of their flavors and a few of the brands on their website.

shop.aceejuice.comDescriptive Listings

One thing you will not be lacking at ACE is information. If they carry something, ACE writes it up so you know what it is exactly. This goes for hardware and juices equally.

Starter Kits

A novelty item in the vaping world not widely carried is a VShare Bluetooth E Cig. You can take calls and listen to music while vaping simultaneously.

It costs $149.99 here with a 320mAh battery, clearomizer, silicone holder, e-cig necklace, charger, wall adapter, manual, and gift box. If you are into that sort of thing, the price is right, though it is an odd selection. Most businesses are so serious about e cig technology they don’t consider items like this one.

An EVOD starter kit contains two batteries, two clearomizers, 15mls of juice (good move), and a charger. It comes in several possible colors for $79.99, which is well priced.

Juice at ACE EJuice

ACE e-liquids contain 20% flavoring, 50/50 propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and nicotine where appropriate (up to 24mg). Hand-crafted juices come in bottles of 10, 15, or 30mls costing $5.99 for the smallest of these. Select a juice with extra flavor or add menthol as desired.

Instead of a hundred separate listings, one click takes customers to the ordering page where you check one box and see a selection under headings such as Cake and Cookies, Cocktails, and New Flavors. Sweets include English Toffee and Fudge Brownie. There is Spiced Cider and Citrus Energy Drink.

Try a simple lime or luscious Key Lime Pie; maybe peanut butter bars instead. The complex Vanilla Caramel Tobacco sounds something like a RY4. There aren’t too many tobacco or menthol selections, just a handful compared to loads of fruits, deserts, and cocktails.

Men and women who enjoy blending their own are able to purchase DIY liquid besides regular bottles and sample packs of e-liquid.