405 Vaperz

If you enjoy visiting 405 Vaperz in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, then you will have to get used to a new address and a new name. From the end of April 2014 they will be known as Vaper Mafia located in Mustang, Oklahoma. The owners say this is because their business is a family: that’s what Mafia is, just with guns.

A 405 Vaperz Review

I can’t help but feel that the name change is timely. Reports dated to more than a year ago when they first opened pointed to a store with good foundations: excellent customer service, affordable prices, and good products.

Later reviews were not as complimentary. Maybe the firm was already undergoing changes and unable to fully meet customers’ needs. Perhaps they knew an image change was needed to offset bad publicity. But we’re talking about the mafia now, so I had better change my tune.

405 Vaperz E-Liquids Join the Mafia

Vaper Mafia does run a very good website. They could do with some more flavor descriptions for their Mob Juice and Celtic Cross juices, but readers can see what to expect from the Vaper Mafia selection.

$5.99 buys 12mls of Atomic, Blueberry Muffin, Irish Cream, or Ocean Water (plus the rest, not a huge lineup). Bottles of 20, 30, and 50mls are also available. Atomic is alive with cinnamon red hots. Ocean Water combines watermelon with bubblegum. Choose up to 24mg of nicotine.

Mob Juice costs $12 for 15mls and two flavors, 30mls, of Celtic Cross sell for $20 each.


If I were you, I would visit 405 Vaperz/Vaper Mafia for your DIY liquid. I’m not just sucking up for safety: they sell huge bottles of unflavored liquids and nicotine solutions. Small bottles of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (120mls) cost $2.50, but you can purchase as much as one gallon at a time for $25. Nicotine levels rise to 100mg only for mixing.