Volcano E Cigs Starter Kits

As a new e-cig user, you need to take a good look at the many starter packages being sold today. Electronic cigarettes have come down in price considerably so that they are virtually mainstream products and widely available.

Starter kits are usually sold online or at dedicated physical e-cig shops selling a particular brand or dealing in electronic vaping equipment generally. Volcano starter kits are available online directly from this Hawaiian company.

Volcano Magma starter kitVaping for Beginners

Every person who looks into buying electronic vaping equipment for the first time only has one item to compare e-cigs to, and that is the traditional cigarettes he was smoking before. Consequently, simple starter kits contain two-piece vaping sticks which feel a lot like the real thing.

They are long and light like a real cigarette; slim tubes which light up at the end when puffed on. A Magma E Cig from Volcano E Cigs glows red at the tip.

The end is actually a battery. Your Magma starter kit comes with two of them, both automatic meaning the atomizer heats up when you puff on it. This is how you create vapor out of e-liquid.

A Magma kit contains a case which looks very much like a cigarette packet in blue or white. Also contained in your package are 5 cartridges in your choice of flavor, a USB charger and cable, and a wall adapter. These are standard items you would expect to find in most starter kits. Volcano indicates that each cartridge is worth about 10 cigarettes.

Intermediate Vapers

Another starter kit from Volcano is the Inferno, their top-seller. This tube tank system is shiny and impressive looking, designed for vapers who want to control how much power to use when heating their liquid. This set contains two batteries: one 650mAh, the other 900mAh. As pass-through batteries, you can charge and vape simultaneously.

An Inferno package comes with 15ml of e-liquid in your choice of flavor and strength. Refilling the tank from a bottle reduces cost and makes vaping less wasteful. You can do the same with a Magma kit as well, buying blank cartridges and filling them yourself.