VaporZone Starter Kits

VaporZone starter kits come in six varieties, but this article will focus on three of them. The Vaporzone Air is an upgrade from simple e-cigs, but not as advanced as the Pro. A Rebel starter kit provides the elegance and personal control of an advanced electronic device.

These guys have taken advanced personal vaporizers to the next level and come up with a beautiful line of kits.

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VaporZone AirThe VaporZone Air

Most electronic cigarettes are cylindrical, even if some are thicker than others. The beginners’ two-piece e-cig is narrow like a regular cigarette.

When you buy the VaporZone Air starter kit, your vaping device is not as thick as an advanced vaping product, yet a little bigger than an e-cig. An unusual shape causes the VaporZone Air to stand out.

Compare its slim but wide profile to a thermometer or the case for refills you put into a mechanical pencil. Simplicity and portability rule the day. For $39.99, customers receive an Air cartomizer, mouth piece, USB charging cable, wall adaptor, and 0.9ml fluid capacity.

VaporZone ProThe Pro from VaporZone

Next on the list is The Pro, costing $54.99. Although customers pay only $15 more than they do for VaporZone Air, their battery is much more powerful: 1000mAh as compared to 350mAh.

The maximum is 3.7 volts, but you have some control over this number when heating your liquid. The Pro boasts a more conventional, slim shape but with replaceable atomizers. You also enjoy 1.5ml tank capacity.

One drawback is that clients can only buy a starter kit in black, but when the rechargeable battery finally runs out of juice, replacements come in assorted shades.

The Rebel Starter Kit

Get 3.0ml capacity, a 600mAh battery and stunning design from the Rebel. This telescopic model of electronic vaporizer simply looks better than all the rest with its sleek silver shape and LED screen. A Rebel features a dual head cartomizer, variable voltage, and is compatible with multiple cartomizers including the Pro-L and Titan.

Only one feature might turn you off: the price. This is an expensive machine at $179.99.

One Notable Aside

When you compare prices between starter kits from a variety of companies, it helps when all features are alike. One notable absence from VaporZone starter kits is the juice. You have to buy this separately. If the quality impresses you, however, lacking juice is no major set-back, and they have some very high quality e-liquid. Besides, $14.99 for 30mls of liquid makes VaporZone e-liquid extremely competitive.


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