South Beach Smoke Starter Kits

South Beach Smoke starter kits are available in 4 formats, each one a Deluxe variety. The first is a standard kit, followed by Deluxe Plus, Deluxe Ultimate, and Deluxe Couples. Reusable Express packages are also available for $21.99.

Standard Excellence

The Deluxe kit, costing $59.99, provides every essential for electronic smoking. This includes two batteries, USB charger, wall adaptor, and 10 large cartomizer/atomizers. The second battery offers extra power but both are SuperMax batteries with crystals at the end glowing orange as you puff.

An extra-capacity battery is 3.25 inches long (0.75 inches longer than standard) and provides more puffs per charge, up to 600. A Couples Kit amounts to two of these packages for $109.99 (save roughly $10).

SBS Deluxe Plus Starter KitDeluxe Extension

With a Deluxe Plus, the main difference from a standard Deluxe (apart from the price of $89.99) are the additions of a carry case, power cig, and universal car adaptor. That power cig is especially handy for using when your batteries are still charging because only a USB port is needed. The car adaptor will do nicely for that purpose, or a port on your laptop.

Extreme Starter Kit

A Deluxe Ultimate Kit is as great as it sounds. Add another extra-long, extra-capacity battery for a start. While the other two are automatic, the third one is a manual battery.

Learn to control your electronic vaping experience with the small button to heat your vapor before puffing. This way you take a small step towards variable power tank systems.

A South Beach Smoker Ultimate Starter Kit also comes with a personal charging case, lanyard, and 10 more cartridges. Customers pay $159.99.

Considerate Calculations

Clients often wonder how much money they save by switching to electronic smoking and giving up traditional cigarettes. If you can put a price on improving your health and protecting the environment from poisonous analog cigs, South Beach Smoke has done the math for you by calculating the equivalent price per pack of cigarettes for each e cig cartridge you smoke: $1.41.