Halo Triton & G6 Starter Kits

First of all, vapers who choose a Halo Cigs pen or tank system are not concerned about being asked what they are puffing on. Is it a real cigarette, or something else? While many vapers like to transition slowly with sticks that look like cigarettes, such is not the case with Halo customers.

Be prepared to show friends and even strangers what an e-cig or a tube tank is if you buy a piece of gear from Halo. They do not come in regular cigarette colors. The most subtle ones they carry are black or black and white, but why be subtle when there are shades like Electric Lime and Demon Red to choose from?

G6 Starter KitA G6 Starter Kit

Starter kits for new vapers are mostly the same from one company to the next. They contain basic components to form a two-piece vaping stick.

These parts are a battery, wall adapter, cartridges, and a USB charger. All of these are present in G6 starter kits plus a case.

G6 kits are identical bar their numerous metallic colors. They are also customizable to a point. You select the length of battery you want (65mm or 78mm) and the type of e-liquid to use. There are several flavors, all available containing 6mg to 24mg of nicotine.

Triton Tank Starter KitTriton Tube Tank Starter Kits

Usually, after some months of vaping, consumers become curious about tube tanks. They are intrigued by their more powerful performance and greater capacity for holding e-liquid.

Also, these are designed to be controlled by the user. G6 batteries are manual or automatic, but batteries are always manual with a tank system. The user begins heating the atomizer before he draws, not as a result of puffing. This way, vapor is ready when they are.

Triton Tube Tank starter kits come with two batteries of 400mAh or 650mAh. These are not the most powerful on the market, but they have more power than beginners’ e-cig batteries and hold their charge longer.

The other equipment includes a USB charger, 2 clear tanks for filling with e-liquid, cone, case, and wall adapter. The cone is a piece which goes over your equipment so it all looks the same: sleek and purple, iridescent, or whatever hue you like best.