Green Smoke Starter Kits

Look to Green Smoke starter kits to get you started on the road to tar-free, environmentally friendly vaping. Quit cigarettes for the New Year and focus on your health. There are multiple choices from Green Smoke, something for every budget.

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Green Smoke KitA Quick Comparison

With the exception of a Holiday Starter Kit, which is only available for a short time, Green Smoker offers 5 kits. The Ultimate is the top package and an Essentials Kit suits the hesitant beginner.

Between them are the Pro, Express, and Lovebirds Kits. This last one is essentially a Pro Kit multiplied by two, but the Pro is not your basic starter option. That would be the Express.

Each kit (apart from Essentials) comes with a power cigarette, USB charger(s), Wall adaptor, car adaptor, and a carry case. They also feature cartridges in multiples of 5. An Essentials Kit only provides two cartridges and a USB charger plus one reusable battery, but this is still greener than buying disposables.

All products come with a money-back guarantee, free two-way shipping, and a warranty for life.

As with every e-cig, the smell and taste of analog cigs is gone. Lovebirds can puff, cuddle, and kiss without exchanging that nasty odor and flavor.

Ultimate Extras

The Ultimate has been given its name because it really packs in the features. You receive three rechargeable batteries and 2 USB adaptors to keep them all charged and ready. Along with a standard case, customers are provided with a luxurious leather version.


Juice flavors are fairly ordinary at Green Smoke, although ratings of their vapor production and taste set them apart. Select one of three tobacco options (Red Label, Gold, or Absolute), Mocha Mist, Menthol Ice, Smooth Chocolate, Clove, or Vanilla Dreams. There is not much imagination here except where Cloves are concerned (this would be replaced by cherry or cola elsewhere), but then again, these are the popular flavors. Select 0.6% nicotine, up to 2.4%, or quit nicotine and just enjoy the vapor.

Replacement Batteries

When the batteries from Green Smoke starter kits no longer charge, they are available separately in designer or regular styles. Patterns are named for cities like New Orleans (zebra print), and Charleston (gears).