EverSmoke Starter Kits

EverSmoke Starter Kits come in five formats. A basic kit costs $49.99, or double this to create a Couples Kit. A Pro Kit is priced at $79.99, while the Ultimate costs $149.99. Finally, select a Reusable Express Kit for $29.99.

Basic EverSmoke Starter KitThe Basic Starter Kit

Included in the Basic Kit are two batteries, a portable wall and standard USB chargers, and five nicotine cartridges. These are equal to about 5 packs of cigarettes.

One highlight of the EverSmoke Starter Kits is that each one, except an Express package, comes with a standard and an extra-capacity battery. Customers get to choose whether they want a manual or automatic battery right from the beginning and even battery color. These are not standard features with every company’s starter kits. Colors are white, stainless steel, and black.

Cartridges feature three tobacco varieties: Classic, Royal, and Golden. In addition to menthol and Peppermint Party, EverSmoke offers cherry, peach, pina colada, vanilla, and coffee.

Vaping Like a Pro

You notice after a few websites that little imagination goes into the names of starter kits. Each version attached to these names, however, is slightly different.

For instance, you might have seen a Pro kit elsewhere, but it probably did not feature quite the same products or pricing. EverSmoke Pro Starter Kits come with a power cigarette for use in the car, at your computer desk, or any time you are waiting for batteries to charge. It also features 10 cartridges.

The Ultimate EverSmoke

Add a second extra-capacity battery to your collection with the Ultimate Starter Kit from EverSmoke. Your package will also be loaded with a portable charging case, carry case, and five more cartridges.

The only let-down here is that the portable charging case only charges Mini automatic batteries. It is not compatible with standard or long batteries, and they must be automatic. Five cartridges fit inside the case.

Reusable Alternative

Maybe none of the starter kits above is within your price range as a dabbler in electronic vaping. To start with, you need a cheaper alternative, but would like to experiment with a rechargeable format. The inexpensive Express Kit contains one battery, a charger (USB), and 2 cartridges in menthol or tobacco.