Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

Vapers might be frustrated as they search for definitions of certain products such as rebuildable dripping atomizers. Some information can be gleaned by scanning a variety of products. Online tutorials give you a sense of how to wrap one but not necessarily why one would use this system as it seems fussy. What is a rebuildable dripping atomizer? Let’s get into some detail below.

VaporFi Bolt RDAA Simple Definition

A primary distinction between RBAs and RDAs is that while the RBA has a tank attached, the RDA does not. A rebuildable dripping atomizer utilizes a well which the user drips into a little at a time. He cannot store liquid in this well as it would leak out and its capacity will not be that much: 1 ml is a lot whereas you can obtain 5-ml tanks.

Image: Vaporfi Bolt RDA

Who Uses RDAs?

Usually you see vapers using RDAs if they are awed by their beauty and want to collect them or they prefer highly viscous e juice which produces thick clouds of vapor. Dripping atomizers are particularly coveted by vapers buying high-vegetable glycerin juice and some products are created specifically for dripping into the well, not for filling tanks. Many other atomizer coils would become clogged when trying to heat high-viscosity e liquid.

With numerous serialized, collectible varieties of RDAs on the market, some serious collectors will spend more than $100 just to own a limited edition style. He might avoid clones entirely or stay away from good but low-cost drippers. His e cig is probably a limited edition mechanical mod.


What is the problem with a cloned RDA?

This is a manufacturer’s mass produced version of machined, laser-etched atomizers which is almost identical but for some technical features and sometimes the quality of metal. Many times there is no difference in performance between the real thing and the clone or that difference is minute.

Some vapers argue, however, that the quality of a clone is inferior. It will break within the year where your limited edition mod (probably machined out of a solid bolt of metal, not welded together from two or three) will still be operating.

Variable Features

The build deck is where you connect a coil and cotton to your posts and unscrew or screw down these parts to attach your coil and cotton completely. On some RDAs this deck is really small so if you have meaty hands it might not work to rebuild your own coils. A wider-diameter makes building easier.

Vaporfi Bolt Parts

Well depth is another consideration. Since there is no tank attached you have decide how much dripping you really want to do each time. The most important consideration, however, is the result: flavor, vapor product, how heavy the throat hit is, and how much you enjoy vaping with a particular model.

Selecting a Brand or Model

Youde makes some fine, affordable RDAs. You can buy them for between $25 and $35, but they are nothing compared to an authentic Tobh or Tugboat. The Magma, Stillare, Quasar, and Plume Veil provide various looks, prices, and performance.

If you are going to buy a clone, stick with a brand that has proven itself reliable. Again, there will still be the usual clone issues like maybe having to drill air holes a little bigger or add extras so the resistance on your draw is not too tight. If you are buying from HCigar, EHPro, or Tobeco, the device you end up with is likely to perform well.

Not sure if your RDA is a clone or the real thing? Authentic devices are serialized, come with certificates of authenticity, and cost a packet. Spend at least $60 on a good item. The very best ones cost about twice that figure.


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