Once you’ve been around for a while, and enjoyed one of the popular cigalike brands, and have started enjoying vaping as a regular thing, chances are you’re looking into this more, and checking out some more advanced products to take your vaping to the next level.

One of the most common routes here is to move to an eGo battery styled vapor pen and tank system, which gives you longer battery life, and the e-liquid lasts longer with a larger sized tank, over a standard cartridge from a mini-cig.

Next you may start looking into parts you can do more with, such as rebuildable parts, where you can replace the atomizer coil, or even switch the material of the tank itself to something more preferable.

Then there is a plethora of vaporizers available, of all different kinds, in many different shapes, sizes, and of course price ranges.

510 Threading

This is a standard aspect to look at, as it is the common threading on many tanks and batteries, so that you have interchangeable parts, which then gets a lot of fun!

Rebuildable Parts

If you own a mechanical mod or rebuildable atomizer, you know there are parts that require or welcome rebuilding. Even a high-end tank by Aspire or Kanger lends itself to adjustment and rebuilding.

Because the build on these items is sturdy and materials are durable, they can be taken apart and rebuilt without destroying the atomizer or mod if a consumer knows what he is doing. Without those skills there is a good chance you will wreck the expensive item taken to pieces on your table.

Get Help

Another way to approach a rebuild is to visit a friendly, service-oriented vape shop and ask for rebuild support, which could be free or cost $5 to $20. Some shops run regular, inexpensive classes to teach rebuilding techniques (particularly winding coils and changing resistance).

Several websites post advice and articles about various rebuilding tasks and techniques. Numerous Youtube videos are also available.

Cost of Rebuilding

Although a huge benefit of rebuilding any e cig or accessory is that you can make it last a long time, high-quality items like rebuildable atomizers and dripping atomizers can be expensive to start with. You can reduce costs by purchasing clones and being very careful about rebuilds. Although it’s cheaper to wreck a clone, that could still be $20 or more lost.

Rebuildable Vaping Parts: a List

Here are some items that can be purchased for DIY rebuilding of a mod. They include wire, cotton or wool, screwdrivers, and drill bits. One should have needle nose pliers, wire cutters or nail clippers, and a torch or lighter. There is also the possibility of buying new switches and LED lights if you are rebuilding a mod tube.

Some consumers recommend heat-resistant ceramic tweezers but others feel regular metal tweezers suffice. If you have trouble seeing small details, a magnifying glass would be helpful. An ohms meter and O-rings are also important. Some companies sell kits of pieces as well as individual items.

For tanks, purchase new cartomizers, atomizer heads, and top and bottom caps will sometimes need to be replaced on certain tanks. Frequently the tube cracks or clouds before caps wear out so tubes are also available in varieties of plastic and glass.


Usually, Kanthal is the only type of wire you find. Even if you do not see alternatives, you will be offered three gauges: 38, 30, and 32. There is also ribbon wire or sometimes a consumer will have to choose between Kanthal and Nichrome. Look more deeply into the differences: I would recommend Kanthal though because it is easiest to find and popularity is frequently the product of reasoning. Select gauge according to resistance and the model you are rebuilding.

As for wool or cotton, Japanese organic cotton comes highly recommended. In many cases, you will only have the option of purchasing Ekowool which is cheaper. Either way, you will be buying coil and wool by weight or length unless the supplier only sells wire by the spool.

Many of the items you need can be purchased for less than a dollar at a time. With shipping to consider on internet orders, think ahead and buy all pieces from a single vendor for the next rebuild and more rebuilds after that.

To create a final bill that qualifies for free shipping, add items to orders for e juice and batteries. Products like wool and wire do not go out of date, although you might not want the same gauge of coil for every rebuild and you can’t always predict when a tank tube will need replacing.

Where to Buy Products

Madvapes carries a lot of switches and LED lights that are not featured at too many all-purpose stores. Their catalogue contains blue, green, red, and white switches. Madvapes carries LEDs in red, yellow, green, orange, pink, and violet. Another item on their list is a tactile switch for flashlight mods.

Beyond Vape is one of many companies carrying coil, cotton, etc. There are numerous vendors specializing in rebuildable parts for Kanger Aerotanks and Aspire Nautilus tanks.

As a rule, wherever you see the Aerotank, Nautilus, Protank and other rebuildable tanks, you will also find replacement atomizer heads. There are lots of multi-purpose vape stores online and a lot of brick-and-mortar vape stores carry equipment and parts.

It’s not always necessary to buy a specialized item. In the tools department, the torch you use could be the one you light a barbecue with. Clip wire with anything sharp enough. Crafters frequently have the right size of pliers and clippers already, especially if they make jewelry. Ask your spouse or friend to borrow those tools instead of investing. The right sized screwdriver might be part of a seldom-used set on your garage work bench.