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You may (or may not) have heard, that this brand is the top selling brand in the space.  Since 2010, this Miami-based company has grown it’s global reach through offering the finest electronic cigarette products on the planet.

They recently launched two new lines of products that are being well received:

V2 EX Batteries1.  The EX series batteries and cartridges.

This is a game changer.

On the cartridge side, you are able to view the e-liquid levels in each cartridge that you are using through a see though viewing window, so you never need to run out and get that nasty burnt dry taste from an empty cartomizer

On the battery side, you get a much more powerful battery, which results in a longer life span between charges.

They also released some really cool designs that you can see pictured here. These are slightly larger in size than a standard sized battery, and last longer accordingly.

2.  The V2 Pro Series vaporizers.

These products are built to vape any e-juice (liquid) that you choose.  This is the latest device made by the company, and it’s added the brand to the competitive landscape of vaporizers.

V2 Pro Kit

The series available right now is the “Series 3,” but future releases include the Series 7 and Series 9. This is a very complex product in the fact that it uses magnetic components instead of the typical twist and screw-in products.  This is highly advanced and only available at V2Cigs.com

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